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Adele and Black Dresses: Is There a Connection?

Someone once told me that Adele is one of the few secular music stars with a conservative style on stage. I didn’t agree at first. But when my interlocutor asked me to show them suggestive photos of Adele while performing and I couldn’t find any, I saw their point. The singer not only opts for demure outfits for her shows, but she’s also a lover of minimalism which is evident in her love for the color black. Now, this begs the question: is there anything special about Adele and black dresses?

Adele rocking a black dress while performing during one of her Vegas residency shows

Why does she wear the color during almost all her shows? Why does the color never look boring on her? While I kept asking myself these questions anytime I came across her videos and live performances, a friend who’s a diehard Adele fan not only confirmed my thoughts but also had something more interesting to say about her:

A screenshot of someone talking about Adele

We’ll talk about the barefoot and pop socks part later. For now, let’s focus on Adele and black dresses. Beyond her sonorous voice and soul-arresting music, Adele is indeed an interesting personality. But why does she almost always wear black? Let’s find out together.

Is Adele in Love with the Color Black?

Adele in a trumpet black dress while performing

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, popularly known by her first name, Adele, is an English singer-songwriter with powerful vocals and captivating songwriting skills. Besides being able to sell out a concert in a matter of minutes, Adele has received several accolades from Grammy Awards to the Academy Awards, Primetime Emmy, and Golden Globe Awards.

Unlike most music artistes with a large fanbase like her, Adele opts for minimalist outfits during her performances. For instance, her Weekends with Adele shows that began in November 2022 at The Colosseum have featured her in one particular outfit every weekend: a black dress. And the best part of it all? Luxury designers have been eager to dress the nightingale.

From Prada to Valentino, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Carolina Herrera, and Schiaparelli, to name a few, Adele’s been bodying the colorfulness of black. Take, for example, the custom black dress with the extra silver detailing Stella McCartney made for Adele. The black ensemble featured a long-sleeved, hourglass silhouette with a bardot-cum-crisscross choker neckline embellished with a braided diamond chain.

Adele and Black dresses: the singer in custom Stella McCartney

Adele not only bodied the dress but also embodied elegance while in it. You can tell the star has developed a natural eye for luxury and exudes it in all her outfits. And truthfully, we can aver she is in love with the color black. But why Adele and black dresses?

The Possible Meanings Behind Adele’s Many Custom Black Dresses

Adele in a mini Marianna Senchina jacket dress  at the Brits 2022.

When Stella McCartney spoke about her custom gown for Adele’s Vegas residency which draws inspiration from the brand’s Winter 2023 show, she noted:  

“I wanted it to be quite minimal, make it comfortable for her: I wanted her voice to shine, I wanted to celebrate everything Adele…”

Her reasons mirror and summarize the essence of Adele’s seeming love for black. The color oozes minimalism, comfort, and everything Adele. But most importantly, it helps let her voice shine.

Adele probably understands that thousands of people gather to listen to her perform because of her voice. Her voice is a powerhouse on its own. By wearing black dresses with little or no details, she allows her voice to remain the focus of attention. Harriet Davey, Freelance Fashion Editor at Grazia, agrees:

Having one of the most incredible voices of all time, Adele’s music is her performance. Adele doesn’t need to distract from her voice with fussy outfits or costumes, she knows everyone is there to hear her sing Hometown Glory or Easy on Me from the top of her lungs, so she sticks to outfits she feels good in. And what better than the fail-safe black dress?

Adele in a glittery off-shoulder black dress on stage

Furthermore, if you’re a lover of comfortable fashion, you’d most definitely opt for black. For one, it easily blends in unlike when you rock bold colors. It also causes little to no distractions and helps you feel safe without the fear of making a fashion faux pas. 

In addition, the color black is associated with luxury and class. It is evergreen and signifies power and dominance, which a celebrity like Adele gives off while performing to a teeming crowd. And the beautiful thing about oozing confidence with this color is that it’s perceivable; people will sense this power in you.

Another possible reason Adele loves black is that it suits her personal style. From her photos and videos, you can tell she’s a lover of minimalist fashion. Thankfully, the designers who’ve dressed her up understand this. It’s why her custom-made pieces emit simplicity while reflecting her conservative style.

While we wait for Adele to perhaps give a press conference on why she dons black often for her shows, we can only agree with Shakaila Forbes-Bell, Author of Big Dress Energy: How Fashion Psychology Can Transform Your Wardrobe and Your Confidence, when she noted to Grazia:

“Adele’s choice of black dresses could speak to her desire for her voice and talent to take centre stage while her clothing choices take more of a back seat. Rather than seeing only the aesthetic value of her outfits, this consistent colour choice could also suggest that she uses her style more as a tool, helping her lean into her power.

If you’d like to see more photos of Adele in black dresses, here’s a peek inside the star’s life with the color black.

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