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5 Things to do When You Have a Bad Hair Day

Ever woken up and felt tired of your hair? Or maybe you looked in the mirror and didn’t like how your hair looked? If you’ve ever felt so, it means you’ve had a bad hair day. And that’s completely normal. We all get that feeling.

I felt that way last year and resorted to cutting my hair. While that was a good option for me at that moment, it’s not the only thing you can do when you aren’t feeling your hair. 

There are other remedies that come in handy when you’re not feeling your hair. Read this post to the end. You’ll figure it out and use the tips to beautify your hair when it lacks that spark.

What Does a Bad Hair Day Mean?

This is a day when your hair is unmanageable and unattractive even when you want it to look its best. It could be because you aren’t in the mood to dress your hair or you couldn’t find a good hairstylist to give you what you want. It could also be because:

1. You Got Drenched

When it rains and there’s no covering for your hair, be prepared to have smelly, damp hair. This often happens when you’re on weaves or dense braids.

Even when you’re rocking your natural hairstyle, rain can ruin the way you styled it and leave you looking unkempt.

2. Your Hair is Dry

Perhaps it’s the harmattan or maybe you’ve been shampooing your hair too often. It could also be because you’ve not been moisturizing your hair with the natural oils for hair growth or you’ve been using harsh hair care products. Or perhaps, you’ve become addicted to your heat-styling tools.

Whichever the reason for your dry hair is, you should work on it already so your hair can produce enough sebum to keep it in shape.  You can use our guide on how to prevent dry hair to put a stop to it once and for all.

3. You Haven’t Had Your Haircut

This is one reason you have a bad hair day. Maybe you’ve been so busy with work and all that you haven’t had time to pay your barber a visit.

The unkempt look isn’t doing you any good. Go cut your hair already.

4. You Haven’t Worn a New Hairdo

For how long have you been wearing that coiffure? How about you pay your hairstylist a visit already?

You never can tell. The solution to your bad hair days may be a little washing, blow-drying, and some nice extensions. Try it out and see. 

5. You Haven’t Combed Your Hair Yet

Maybe it’s not a bad hair day. What if it’s because you haven’t put a comb or brush to your hair? You never can tell.

When moments like this come, you should never treat them with levity. In fact, you should always take your hair seriously because according to Stanford Graduate School of Business, your appearance has an effect on your behavior.

Now what does this mean? I’ll tell you: If you don’t tackle that moment you aren’t feeling your hair, it can ruin your entire day.

Do you want that? I bet you don’t. So, let’s dive right in to see what you can do when your hair looks horrible.

What to Do When You Have a Bad a Hair Day

The first thing to do when you are not feeling your hair is to cheer up. It can be sickening when you want your hair to look perfect yet it wouldn’t get into your desired shape. Don’t beat yourself over it.

Shake the sombre mood off and do any of these:

1. Take a Deep Breath and Style it Again

You tried styling your hair into an afro or a high bun and it doesn’t seem to work? Calm down. Just take a deep breath and try again.

Perhaps, the reason it isn’t falling into shape is your anxiousness. Give it a break and do something else then come back to it when you feel better.

2. Visit Your Hairstylist

Most times, these guys hold the key to having a gorgeous hairdo. So, when next you get into a rut with your hair, don’t scowl too much. Head to the salon.

Your hairstylist will either give you a cool haircut or install hair extensions to achieve one of the latest hairstyles for you.

3. When Nothing Works, Wear a Headwear

This can be a fez cap, beanie hat, wide-brimmed hat, etc. A headwear will cover your “shame” and add more style to your look without anyone knowing what you have underneath.

You can also try wearing a scrunchie, headwrap, cowries, or other hair accessories to adorn your hair. They’ll add more accents and transform your bad hair day into a good one.

4. Wear a Wig

You can also wear a wig when nothing seems to work. Just slip it on and style it as you wish. Like a hat, nobody will know what you have underneath.

5. Comb it and Give Your Hair a Break

What if you don’t wanna do any of the above? Don’t beat yourself about it. Just comb your hair and give it a break. You’ll find something suitable once you’re back from your hiatus.

And that’s how to improve a bad hair day. Combine these tips with the best hair care tips for men and women and watch how your beauty shines on.

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