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10 Easy Yet Chic Ways to Style a White Shirt

A white shirt is an important wardrobe staple and as such, every woman must have at least one in her wardrobe. But having it isn’t all that matters. You still have to learn how to style it. This is very important otherwise you’d be looking like a plain Jane rather than a gorgeous diva.

lady wearing white shirt on black leather pants

And if your goal is to give off a stylish aura anytime you dress up, read this post to the end. In it are tips that’ll ensure you rock a white button-up or button-down shirt like a true fashionista.

Let’s dive in.

How to Style a White Shirt

lady weary white shirtdress with a touch of kente

White is a neutral color. Meaning that you can pair it with any other color (whether mild or loud) to create a dazzling look. But this color isn’t a mild one.

It’s bright, resplendent, and can pop you out from the crowd easily. Just use these tips to ensure you style your shirt the chic way.

1. Create an All-White Ensemble

lady wearing short all-white outfit

Rather than wrap your head around the best color to suit your skin tone and your shirt, how about you go monochrome?

It’s simple. For instance, you can pair your shirt with white pants, white shoes, white sunglasses, and maybe a white hat too. Of course, you’d be looking like a white angel but a stylish one for that matter.

lady wearing all-white outfit

Would you like to pull this off? Great. Read our style guide on how to style all-white outfits to get started. Other than that, let’s proceed.

2. Pair it with a Skirt

lady wearing white shirt with brown skirt

Any type of skirt for women works here. It could be a miniskirt, midi skirt, jean skirt, or even a maxi skirt. You can even tilt towards Afrocentric fashion by wearing an ankara skirt.

Asian lady wearing white shirt and short brown skirt

There’s enough room for variety and versatility with this shirt. So leave your comfort zone and go for it.

3. Wear it as a Shirtdress

lady wearing white shirt as dress

Some white shirts go beyond your waistline and thighs to serve as a dress. If you have one of these, how lucky you are. You can wear it like that with some nice sneakers, flats, or a pair of heels. You can even add a belt to cinch your waist if it’s a loose or oversized shirt.

lady wearing white shirt dress

There are many chic ways to style a shirtdress. Read our style guide on that and start making fashion statements with your white shirtdresses.

4. Pair with Work Pants

lady wearing white shirt with orange pants

These shirts are great when paired with palazzo pants, tapered pants, or any flared pants for work. They are a nice option for the office too, especially if your pants are well-tailored. 

lady wearing black work pants with white shirt

Try it out and see for yourself.

5. Pair with Jeans, Leather pants, Leggings, or any Trousers

lady wearing white shirt with leather pants

Everybody knows denim goes with anything. So, combine it with your shirt for a timeless outfit.

smiling lady wearing a shirt with jeans

You can also go for leather pants, leggings, or any other pair of pants. White button-downs or button-ups are never selective.

6. Wear Your White Shirt with Shorts

lady wearing shirt with shorts and sneakers

Be they biker shorts, baggy shorts, or some sexy bum shorts, your white button-ups will always look great.

lady rocking shirt with shorts

What’s more? These shorts give you enough room to flaunt your beautiful thighs. You can wear this option to the beach or any casual outing.

7. Layer with a Blazer, Jean Jacket, Kimono, etc.

lady wearing blazer on white shirt

You can also layer your white button-ups or button-down shirt with a sleeveless or long-sleeved blazer. If you want, you can wear a skirt or trousers or simply wear your shirt as a dress.

lady wearing denim jacket on white shirt and black pants

The same applies to your jeans jacket, kimono, duster, cardigan, etc. Whichever way you choose to layer your white shirt, you’ll have a chic look.

8. Layer Your White Shirt with a Slip Dress

lady wearing white shirt under a brown patterned gown

Next time you get confused on how to style your white shirt, Iayer it with a slip dress and get going. Just wear the white shirt underneath a sleeveless dress. It’ll give you that pinafore look.

smiling lady rocking white long sleeves shirt under black maxi gown

9. Layer with a Corset Top

lady wearing kimono on black corset top on white shirt

While your shirt may be loose-fitting, a corset top will help to frame your upper body and accentuate your breasts. You can always layer your white shirt with any colour of corset top to create a fresh, standout look.

lady wearing black corset top on white shirt

10. Use Your White Shirt to Layer Your Outfits

lady using a button-up to layer her beach wear

Yes! Your white shirt can also serve as outerwear for your beachwear, tank top, and any other outfit you feel like layering. You should try this option already.

lady layering a button-up on black bra top

And that’s a wrap with the tips on how to style a white shirt. Which of these outfit ideas are you ready to pull off?

Before you do that, remember white is a delicate color. If you don’t take care of your clothes properly, you may end up killing the brightness of your white shirt. But you can avoid that by learning how to care of your clothes.

lady wearing a lace button-up with a pinafore

It’ll help you save money and ensure your clothes last longer.

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