Freshbydotun Unveils 2021 Holiday Collection

Nigerian fashion brand, Freshbydotun, is seeing this 2021 Christmas with a fresh collection created just for the holidays.

The collection represents a super phase for that Freshbydotun man, with top notch silhouettes and styles reflecting a relaxed yet glamorous approach to everyday wear.

The designer was drawn to the juxtaposition of masculinity and strength enclosed within today’s woman.

The various textiles used for this collection are soft and elegantly masculine. They include: wool, crepe, print, and cotton playing host to a stunning display of artistic designs and masterpieces.

We can already tell you are imagining the outfits on you already! What better way to look classy, stylish and trendy all in one this holiday season.


Designs: @freshbydotun
Photography: @spotlightpi
Muse: @okeyjudeofficial @stannze
Publicist: @moafricapr

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