Getting Fashionably Ready for Detty December—6 Tips To Help You Out

Rumour has it that introverts have started to revolt. So, don’t just chant the statement, “Go big or go home,” in all your social invites for detty December. Also ensure your targeted guests are extroverts ready to party, and not introverts ready to go home. But if you want both, you might as well grab their attention in a different way. 

Ebuka Uchendu getting dressed for detty December

On that note, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, are you ready for December?!!! Yasss, it’s detty December people and it’s about to be lit!

But before you start basking in the excitement of the season, how fashionably prepared are you? Have you gotten new outfits for your outings? Have you cooked up more stylish ways to rock your old clothes to suit the yuletide?

smiling lady in pink short gown ready for detty December

Whether you have or haven’t isn’t a problem because you’ve come to the right place. This piece you’re reading will show you how to pull off super stylish outfits for all your events this Christmas season. And on that note, let’s dive right in.  

How to Prepare in Style for all Your Detty December Parties

Wizkid killing the show at detty December

Source: Flytime Music Festival

Detty December is slang for the Christmas period in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria that highlights different social events. They include vacations, shows, musical concerts, art exhibitions, beach parties, nightlife, carols, and a whole lot of fun-filled events. 

lady stepping out in a fine outfit

And with this comes style responsibilities. So, while planning to turn up for these events, you don’t want to bump into that annoying ex of yours looking like you just got out of bed. Lagos (and anywhere else in the world) is just too small for that.

lady stepping out in a monochrome outfit

Because we want you to slay and kill every look this December, we’ve compiled tips to get you fashionably ready for Detty December. If you’re set, here they are:

Identify Your Personal Style

Adekunle Gold rocking alte style

Whether classy, preppy, street, alté, sexy, minimalist style, bohemian fashion, or what have you, it’s important to understand your style. 

lady rocking orange gown for detty December

Your personal style is how you express yourself through your physical appearance – clothing, hair, makeup, and accessories. It’s an expression of yourself through your look. And it’s not just from one look, but how you present yourself over time. 

lady wearing summer crotchet outfit for detty December

Using Nigerian artistes as examples, most of them have been identified with a style. Adekunle Gold is known for his alté (alternative) style. And there’s Davido with a hip-hop style to show his love for streetwear. Since style is an expression of one’s self, you can’t compare them as they’re both unique in their individual style. 

Davido rocking streetwear outfit

Identifying your style makes dressing up interesting and comfortable. And in return, that comfort brings a certain level of confidence. Imagine feeling awkward when you’re supposed to be having an amazing time. Oops!

Understand The Type of Event You’re Attending

lady looking good for detty December

Imagine suiting up to a musical event as a regular and not a VIP. Doesn’t look cool, yeah? You’re right.

2 men rocking colorful suits

A concert is always crowded and stuffy. And when you jump and scream at the top of your lungs with other participants doing the same, you’ll wind up sweaty and uncomfortable.

“But I’ve seen people wear suits for events like that, so why can’t I do that?” I know you’re itching to ask this question, so I’ll break it down. The secret to wearing a suit the right way for that kind of event is dressing it down. 

Ebuka looking dapper

For the men, instead of wearing your tie, waistcoat, and oxford shoes, why not switch to sneakers? Also, do away with the tie and dress shirt and pair your suit pants with a turtleneck instead. 

man wearing suit with scarf

And if it’s a double-breasted jacket, wear it over your pants without an inner. You could also dress it down by pairing a t-shirt with your suit pants either tucked in or out. Furthermore, accessorize with a pair of sneakers and a single short chain, baseball cap, or any type of hat.

2 ladies wearing jackets

Similarly, for the ladies, wear your suit jacket/blazer over a cropped top or camisole paired with a short skirt, shorts, or even mum jeans. You can also accessorize with a scarf, a cross-body or waist bag, and sneakers.

smiling lady wearing jacket

Now, imagine wearing that same suit to watch a play, carol, or something indoors. Makes sense, yeah? 

lady wearing jacket on jeans

The same rule applies to other events like beach parties.

lady wearing sleeve less gown

You could throw on a short sundress with strappy flat sandals, or wear a three-piece with a detachable kaftan/cover all accessorized with a rattan bag, wide-brim hat, and sunglasses.

lady at the pool

For men, loungewear doesn’t sound bad. Pair your shorts and a shirt or t-shirt and finish off with espadrilles or slides and your sunglasses. 

people having fun at the beach

Your options are limitless when choosing beach outfits for men and women.

Accessorize the Right Way

pink bag and shoes

One secret to slaying on a budget is understanding the art of accessorizing. You’ve identified your style, you know the type of event you’re going for and now, you need something to take your look from 50 to 100.

rings and bangles

That something is none other than your accessories. 

securing your gadgets at an event

If you’re a Lagosian, you must be familiar with how we “tighten our possessions to our chest” when in a crowdy place. So, if you wanna enjoy your Detty December without mourning your valuables, you have to carry certain types of bags to your events. Not just any bags but stylish, functional ones.

man carrying crossbody bag

Trust me, if you attend concerts and always check your bag every now and then, you won’t fully enjoy the moment. Your best bet is to get a waist bag, fanny pack, utility bag,  or crossbody bag you can sling across your shoulder while you party. 

lady carrying cross sling bag

Then keep your fancy handbags and clutches for saner events or one that requires you to sit. And if you’re going to the beach, you need a bigger bag for things like sunscreen, wipes, sunglasses, and other things you’ll be needing.

lady with waist bag at detty December

That aside, other accessories you need to wear the right way are your necklaces and earrings. If you’re going for a hip-hop look, a pearl necklace might not be the right one for you. Instead, go for bling chains. And while you’re at it, as much as you want to show off, don’t wear a really expensive set of jewelry that can attract thieves to you.

lady dressed for detty December

In addition, avoid heavy earrings that can cause injury. You can always use them for other events.

Combine Colors with Confidence

lady in colorful outfit

For some people, combining not-so-common colors is like taking them to the gallows. They just don’t like seeing bold colors. They only stick to black, white, and other neutral colors.

lady combining colors well

Don’t be like that. Always add a pop of color to your outfits. However, you need a certain level of confidence to rock bold colors. And in return, doing this also bolsters your self-confidence which is what you need for all your detty December outings. 

man dressed for detty December

Detty December is that period when you get to loosen up, try new things, and explore. Feel free to mix and match colors you wouldn’t wear on an ordinary day. It just might make someone walk up to you (you never can say). 

Give Your Wardrobe a Chance

lady set for detty December

There are two different sets of people. The ones that know how to style their clothes and the ones that don’t know how to get their money’s worth. Those in the latter group always say they don’t have clothes while the former makes the most of what they have.

lady taking a shot in the sun

Which category do you belong to? Whichever it is, you don’t have to keep buying clothes when you have outings. Look into that wardrobe, there’s a two-piece you’ve only worn together as a two-piece, not separately. 

lady enjoying her time at a festival

Restyle the bottoms with a different blouse, t-shirt, or shirt. You can also pair your top with jeans, leggings, biker shorts, or palazzo pants.

man by the pool

And if you have a pair of worn-out jeans in your wardrobe, transform it by decorating with pearls, ripping it, or adding a patchwork to it. 

lady wearing white shirt dress on the street

Also, pair that old dress with a shirt. You shouldn’t sit at home because you think you don’t have clothes. You actually have clothes. What you don’t have is the knowledge of how to style them.

lady rocking two-piece green outfit for detty December in Lagos

Watch Out for Sales

lady wearing Christmas clothes

This December, if you snooze, you lose. Instead of spending more when shopping, you can buy for less this season because brands give out good deals every end of the year. 

lady ready to step out

In other wrds, you can buy more for less. Shopaholics and fashionistas know not to miss this. In fact, by now, you should already have clothing selling apps and brands you love to buy from. Keep a tab on them and also monitor those doing end-of-the-year sales. It’s a good way to slay on a budget for Detty December. 

man ready to step out

Moreover, if you’re buying via Instagram, use this shopping hack:

Search for ready-to-wear brands near you on IG. Click on about five of the results and go through their pages. Afterward, go to your explore page and click on the fashion brands you see there. 

smiling lady rocking two-piece ankara outfit

Once you do this, IG will show you recommendations. You’ll also see sponsored ads on your feeds and stories from RTW brands. This makes it easier to find a brand offering something you like.

Ebuka looking good

Be smart this December. 

lady in the sun

And remember, detty December is a period you don’t want to miss. Get in the groove, network, have fun, slay like a chic boss, explore, and try out new styles. Having gone through this, we hope you’re excited about getting into it this December, doing it with style, class, and a sprinkle of street smartness. 

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