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Cowboy Copper Hair: How to Pull off This Hair Trend 

There’s a new hairstyle in the block turning heads red. It’s none other than the cowboy copper hair. This hairstyle adds more flair and flame to women’s looks paving the way for an extra stunning appearance. It features a blend of warm browns and deep reds with the likes of Meg Thee Stallion and Gigi Hadid sporting the hue.

Full picture of a lady rocking  cowboy copper bob

If you’re looking to spice up your loom, jump on the cowboy copper hair trend. Ahead, you’ll find tips on how to get this shade including style inspos to help you nail it.

What is the Cowboy Copper Hair?

Picture of a lady posing for a photo with her cowboy copper hair

The hairstyle is a mix between copper and auburn. It’s a bit deeper and darker than copper but lighter than auburn. The shade also offers deep brown undertones that resemble leather, hence the moniker ‘cowboy hats’.

Why is the Hair so Popular?

Picture showing a lady rocking a side swept style of  the  stunning hair shade
Lady poses for the camera with her cowboy copper hair in view

This hair flatters everyone. It doesn’t matter your hair type, texture, or skin tone, once you don it, you’ll look great in it. It’s much more versatile than traditional copper and makes your hair look rich.

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How is Cowboy Copper Different from Regular Copper?

Picture showing a lady rocking the hair shade in a bouncy waves

Copper hair is vibrant and fiery and has a lot of orange undertones. Cowboy copper on the other is more subtle and subdued, thanks to the brown and caramel hues. What makes all the difference is the formula, you end up with “cowboy copper” if you mix in extra brown.

However, you can see more of the classic copper tone coming through if you add additional red to the color bowl. Furthermore m, the color of your natural hair can also affect the hue and your place in the copper spectrum.

How to Maintain Cowboy Copper Hair

Picture showing a gorgeous lady rocking the stunning hair color in center part style

Once you leave the salon with your hair looking amazing, maintain it so it serves you long enough with these tips: 

Use Color-Treated Hair Products

Using non-color-treated hair products can remove the color you’ve worked so hard to get. So only use color-treated products such as regular shampoos and conditioners to maintain the richness of your hair color and prevent fading. 

Lock in Moisture

To ensure the color lasts, lock in moisture with leave-in conditioners or hair mask. Applying a heat protectant before using your blow dryer will make this task simple. Also, a toner gloss can add shine and prevent your hair from fading. Once you’ve transformed your hair to cowboy copper, you should visit your stylist for regular glosses every few months. However, you can maintain the rich tones at home (no more than once a week) by applying a color-depositing conditioner. 

Limit Heat-Inducing Tools

While heat-styling tools like a straightener, curling wand, or hairdryer, are great, using them too much can make your hair lose its sheen. Therefore, limit their use. Doing this will ensure your hair color lasts longer and your hair remains healthy with less damage.

Getting Cowboy Copper Hair at Home

Picture showing a lady rocking her cowboy copper in beautiful bouncy curls

You can achieve this color by using natural pigments to dye your hair such as henna, indigo, and cassia. Getting the right color also depends on your natural hair coloring as well. If your hair is dirty blonde, always start with a strand test, then choose the henna powder depending on the tone you want.

Similarly, if you want your color to be more copper, choose Moroccan Henna or a Supreme henna blend and cut it with 50% cassia. Add warm water or warm tea, chamomile especially brings out the copper tones. Then add aloe vera powder to the mix to give your hair more moisture.

However, if you want a more burgundy tone than copper, use the supreme henna blend with 25-30 percent indigo. Leave the henna mixture in your hair for minutes. Although henna typically reaches its peak color for within three hours, 90 minutes is ideal for a soft tone.

While professional stylists agree that you can get DIY cowboy copper hair coloring for way less than going to a salon, the latter is still an excellent option. 

Furthermore, a lot of social media influencers like Julia, a renowned hairstylist and owner of Canvas Salon, claim to have the greatest “recipe” for cowboy copper. While this may work, the success of this hair coloring depends on two things: your skin tone and the color of hair you’re starting with. 

Your goal should be a warm, vivid copper color with a hint of red without orange undertones. This will help create an acceptable tone, especially if you’re working in the professional sector.
Blonde hair might start with a darker copper base, while darker hair should use a lighter copper base. Then adjust the warmth as desired by blending in a small amount of blond or brown. Regarding your skin tone, the lighter your skin is, the less noticeable the red shade will be.

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The Cowboy Copper Hair is in a League of its Own

Picture showing a lady rocking the  iconic hair shade by wearing a stylish cut

Cowboy copper hair truly stands in a league of its own when it comes to eye-catching hairstyles. The metallic, yet warm tones create dimension and depth that makes copper hair mesmerizing. Unlike brassy dyed red hair, natural copper locks have a special radiance that glows. The color seems to shift from cinnamon to rose gold to penny, capturing light beautifully.

When you care for this coiffure properly, it’ll remain saturated, smooth, and healthy-looking. The key is using hydrating masks weekly and avoiding too much heat styling. Following a color-protective regimen lets those luminous copper locks shine their brightest while staying strong. And for a vibrant and vivacious hair color that no one can ignore, copper hair is perfection. When people gaze at your hair, they become entranced by its magical, shimmering beauty.

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