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36 Captivating Ginger Hair Color Ideas to Help You Stand Out

If you love to make a bold statement with your tresses, switch to a ginger hair color. This hue is now high on trend, thanks to celebrities and models rocking them. It complements any complexion and outfit, giving you a standout look you don’t want to miss out on.

The color comes in different flattering shades that pair well with other hues. But contrary to its name, the hue doesn’t look like ginger, the flowering plant. Instead, it’s a shade that includes orange and red. Whether you want to enhance your natural red hair or switch up your natural hue by adding some warmth to your locks, this piece is for you. It covers ginger hair hue essentials, including how to achieve it in different tones for a refreshed look.

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What is Ginger Hair Color?

black girl wearing ginger hair color

Don’t be deceived by its name; this hue doesn’t resemble the yellowish-brown of actual gingers. Instead, it’s a reddish-brown shade more prevalent among people of Northern or Northwestern European ancestry.

Picture a softer version of the setting sun’s red-orange. That’s ginger color. It’s an eye-catching tone that can stand on its own but is often paired with blonde highlights to add more dimensions to your hairstyle.

Also, this hair shade differs per individual. For example, deep burgundy, bright copper, burnt orange, auburn, strawberry blonde, red-orange, etc. The dominant feature of people with this hair color is the high levels of reddish pigment pheomelanin and relatively low levels of the dark pigment eumelanin.

While the color of real ginger doesn’t exactly match the vibrant red hues of ginger hair shade, the name has stuck as the go-to for this hue. And most people now use the term to describe redheads in general. This begs the question…

Is Ginger Hair Red or Orange? 

pretty girl with nose piercings wearing ginger hair color

Ginger hair is neither red nor orange. Instead, it’s a spectrum that includes both shades. But this color is versatile. This means your hue can have more orange than red or vice versa. Ultimately, your chosen shade should complement your skin tone and style preferences.

What Colors Go with Ginger Hair Color?

beautiful girl pouting showing her ginger hair color

This shade pairs great with flattering shades like neutrals, pastels, earthy tones, teal, green, blue, yellow, etc. 

Does Ginger hair look good on Dark Skin Tones?

a lady smiling and showing her ginger-colored hair

Copper, auburn, and other sunset hair colors perfectly complement deeper skin complexions. Thankfully, these hues come in different shades. So, if one doesn’t resonate with you, try another. All you need is a professional colorist who’ll identify the perfect shade and implement it to enhance your skin tone and personal style.

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What Colors Make Ginger?

gorgeous lady wearing a ginger hair with side part

You can get this color by mixing a little cadmium red and burnt sienna with white. Also, substitute burnt umber if the orange color is too warm.

How to Achieve Ginger Hair Color?

pretty orangey red colored hair

If you aren’t a natural redhead, dye your hair into your preferred shade to get this color. If your natural hair color is more than two shades darker than your intended shade, you may have to bleach it to achieve the hue.

But instead of doing it yourself at home, let an expert stylist color your hair. However, if you still choose to do it yourself, divide your hair into sections and work the bleach from tips to mid-length. Bleach the roots last. This is necessary because the heat from your scalp bleaches roots quickly and can cause an uneven color if you whiten your roots first.

While dyeing your hair at home, ask a friend for help for better results and follow the directions on the box to the letter. Furthermore, ensure you wash your hair before you begin the process. Dirty hair can block the dye from working. And don’t dye your hair if you recently relaxed it. This can lead to damage.

How Long Does Reddish-Orange Colors Last?

balayage ginger hair color

Generally, permanent hair dye lasts between six to eight weeks before it begins to fade or your roots grow out. If you use a rinse or semi-permanent dye, it will last for about two weeks or after you have shampooed two to six times. Similarly, gloss or glaze demi-permanent dye can stay for up to four or six weeks depending on how often you wash your hair.

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How to Maintain Ginger Hair Color After Dyeing

lady rocking ginger hair color with makeup

Stick to these suggestions if you want your new hair color to last long:

  • Don’t wash your hair too often.
  • Avoid chlorinated pools and salt water.
  • Use color-treated hair shampoos and conditioners so your color stays as vibrant as the day you dyed your hair.
  • Use leave-in conditioners rich in vitamin E and jojoba oil.
  • Be gentle while washing your hair and detangle softly.
  • Moisturize regularly to keep your dyed hair healthy and strong. 
  • Deep condition immediately after coloring and shampooing to keep hair bouncy and soft. 
  • Sleep on satin pillowcases or wear silk scarves and bonnets to retain moisture.
  • Reduce heat-styling to prevent your hair from drying or breaking.

Ginger Hair Color Ideas You Should Try

pretty black girl with a septum piercing showing off her hairdo

Wear any of these ginger shades in any hairstyle of your choice, whether as crochet braids, wavy, curly, braids, locs, twists, layered cuts, bob hairstyles, etc:

Red Ginger

gorgeous lady wearing ginger hair color

Red hues are brilliant. Wear them in dark shades or bright tints to look bold. They’re a versatile statement colour all year round, whether during fall, winter, spring, or summer.

Fiery Red Ginger Hair Color

Fiery Ginger Hair Color

This ultra-bright and bold orange hue suits fair, cool-toned complexions better. If that’s you, don’t hesitate to go for it.

Dark Ginger

dark ginger hair color

Want something that isn’t too bright yet chic? The dark ginger hair color might just be what you’re looking for.

Two-Toned Ginger

two-toned orangey reddish-brown hair

How about you wear both if you can’t choose between bright and dark hues? Rocking two shades of a particular color is an analogous way to wear more colors with your hair.

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Deep Ginger

This shade falls within the redder side of the red-orange color spectrum. It’s an excellent option for ladies with darker skin tones who love to stand out.


side view of a lady wearing a copper coiffure

Add some warmth to your hair by wearing a mild golden ginger hue, also known as copper. It complements medium to light skin. Although copper won’t be so bright on naturally dark hair, it’d still give you dimensional and shiny hair.

Ginger Highlights

Ginger highlights on hair

Not ready to commit to an entire ginger color? Give your tresses more sheen by adding some ginger highlights. For example, your colorist can use the balayage technique or weave subtle reddish-brown hues into your hair base.


pretty auburn hair

Auburn is perfect for making a style statement with your hair. It can be dark or vibrant, depending on your choice.

Strawberry Ginger

strawberry blonde hair

If you fancy subtlety, embrace strawberry ginger hair color. It is a warm alternative to bright auburn, red or fiery red ginger.

Metallic Ginger 

metallic ginger hair color

This hue gives you an orangey ginger shade that suits any skin tone. The warm ginger tone will balance out the platinum nature of metallic colors. Just add some hair oil, and you’ll look superb.

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Getting Ginger Hair Color the Healthier Way

pretty girl wearing chains and wavy auburn hair

Many traditional hair dyes contain chemicals that pose health challenges, such as hair breakage, allergic reactions, and skin irritation. To be safer, use temporary options like rinses, henna, and color wax. Though they don’t last as long as others, they’re healthy and will bring little or no damage to your hair. 

For instance, henna hair dyes strengthen and add shine to your hair. And color waxes come in different shades of ginger. These options are a fun way to try on a short-term new color that goes away in one shampoo. And if you need more ginger hair color ideas, check these out:

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