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Ice Cream Hair: All You Should Know About this Hairstyle 

Lately, it seems everything we put in our stomachs has an underlying influence on our beauty looks. We’ve seen cereal hair and salmon sushi hair; now the latest trend on the block is ice cream hair.

The new hair trend is flirty and fun. It exudes the joyous vibe you enjoy when scooping a bowl of ice cream. But here comes a pertinent question that’s probably on your mind: why is this hairstyle named after the frozen dessert? 

Picture of a lady rocking the ice cream hair color

A quick Google search suggests differing views surround this coiffure. Some see it as the popular Tiktok trend haircut shaped in the form of ice cream, while to others, it means dyeing your strands to a color that resembles frozen desserts. So which of them is correct?   

If you feel confused, don’t be too hard on yourself. That’s how I felt when I first heard about this hair trend. But, of course, it prompted me to do more research, which is how this article came to be. 

So, if you’re contemplating wearing the ice cream hairstyle but can’t tell if the shape or color is right for you, read on as we explore the trend. When you’re done, you’ll know which suits you best.

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What Exactly is Ice Cream Hair?

Cartoon picture of the ice cream  hair shape

As a fashion lover looking to hop on the hairstyle, you may wonder what ice cream hair is. Is it the viral haircut shape on Tiktok or the multicolored hair dye effect that resembles an ice cream? 

Both of them are ice cream hairstyles. So if you think it’s the color or shape, you’re right. Yes, they go by the same moniker, but they are different.

On Tiktok, the ice cream hair trend is a voluminous hairstyle with a rounded, smooth top while the edges are flipped up and outward. The shape resembles the scoop of ice cream, hence its name.

On the other hand, the frozen dessert inspired the ice cream hair shade, which often comes in different flavors and colors. The gorgeous colors and melting effect perfectly capture the effect of ice cream dripping down a cone. Many hairstylists use dyes to recreate ice cream colors in bright or faded forms. The result?  A fun, flirty look that helps you make a fashion statement effortlessly.

The Viral Ice Cream Hair Shape Trend on Tiktok

This hairstyle became a popular meme on TikTok, with many Caucasians adopting the look. Some TikTokers have likened the style to Roblox, and currently, the hashtag for the viral hair trend on the app has over 46 million views.

If you want to rock the slightly cartoonish hair trend, blow dry your hair with a round brush, or put on a baseball cap and blow-dry the ends upward.

Picture of a guy rocking the ice cream hair shape

Imagine rocking a hairstyle that resembles the scoop of your ice cream cone. Fun, playful, and lighthearted come to mind, right? The Ice cream hair shape is easy to achieve. It’s a simple hairstyle that helps you get in touch with your child-like self once again. 

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How to Get the Ice Cream Hair Shape 

Follow these steps to get the ice cream haircut:

  • Your hair length is the first thing to consider before getting the new look. Grow your hair to at least four inches on the top and sides. Also, ask your hair stylist to add layers in the front. Or better still, show them a photo of what it looks like to make the job easier
  • Wash your hair with a good shampoo and towel it dry to remove the dampness.
  • Blow-dry your hair and use a hair brush to comb the hair from the root outward. While at it, angle the airflow from underneath the brush simultaneously. When you get to the middle, flick your wrist and create a bend in your hair. Then, concentrate your dryer on the bend for that scooped ice cream cone effect. Do this twice to thrice on every section until you get your desired shape.
  • Use a setting spray so your NEW hair shape lasts long.
  • Rock your new look in style.

How the Ice Cream Hair Color Became Ladies’ Favorite

Back view of lady with the viral hair color

It can get pretty boring wearing only one hair color, hence the need to dye and switch things up occasionally. So, when the viral hair color trend sparked online, many ladies embraced it, including the swirl of colors and the flirty vibe it adds to personalities.

Brands like Manic Panic are ready to offer gorgeous hair dyes that cater to your hair without damaging one strand. It’s no wonder ladies are going on all in. Furthermore, the versatility of the style makes it easier for you to explore all its styling possibilities.

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How to Get the Ice Cream Hair Color 

Full view of a lady rocking the gorgeous hairdo

Follow these four easy steps to get the gorgeous ice cream hair look:

Always Consider the Damage Factor

Before taking the plunge, consider how much damage this can cause to your natural hair. It’s a big move from your natural hair to the ice cream hair shade. 

If you already have a natural blonde hue, you have the upper hand, as it is easier to get the tone with your natural shade. But for dark-haired babes, you’ll need to lift your natural hair color. And since every hair can only go seven shades lighter, going further will likely damage your hair.

Prepare Your Hair

Prepping your mane for ice cream hair isn’t easy, especially if you already have an artificial hair color or highlights. But if you don’t, you have nothing to worry about. The base of your virgin hair makes it ideal and easier for drastic changes.

Guide Your Hair Colorist

Everyone has a preferred placement of the shade. For example, you may want certain colors at the back of your hair and not at the front. So, guide your hair colorist to ensure you get your desired result. 

Maintain Your New Ice Cream Shade.

It’s one thing to get an eye-catching hairstyle; it’s another thing to keep it looking fresh all day long. Maintenance is a huge part of ensuring your new hair color lasts long. To maintain your new look since the colors may fade easily, go for monthly root touch-ups or visit the salon to refresh the colors at least twice a month.

In addition, adopt a gentle washing method using cool water and mild color shampoo. Plus, you have to stay away from heat tools. The dyeing procedure is already hard on your hair; you don’t want to damage your mane completely with them. 

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Ice Cream Hair: The Eye-Catching Trend that Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

Picture showing the cartoonish look of the hair shape

In summary, the ice cream hair trend, whether color or shape, is all about mimicking everyone’s favourite frozen summer treats. Both are unique and give off a nostalgic, playful hairdo that makes you feel like a child again.

So, which variation of the ice cream hair will you be going for? Is it the shape or the color?

Full view of a lady rocking the gorgeous hair color

I’d say anyone works. While the shape helps add accents to your hair without doing too much, the color sets you apart from others while ensuring the focal point of attention is your hair. Therefore, consider your style needs and preferences to know which is best for you. If you love to look daring and colorful, try the ice cream hair shade. But if you’d rather draw attention subtly yet boldly, the shape is for you. Both styles share similarities, ensuring you create a style statement with your hair. 

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