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Cuban Twist Hair: Everything You Need to Know About This Gorgeous Hairdo

What comes to mind when you come across people rocking Cuban twist hair? Let me guess: beautiful, protective, endless styling possibilities? If I guessed right, you aren’t far from the truth. 

Picture showing a lady rocking the cuban twist hair

Also known as Havana twists, the Cuban twist hair is a gorgeous, protective hairstyle that has grown in popularity recently. The style involves twisting your hair into rope-like strands that create bouncy, springy curls when taken out.

One of the features of this hairstyle is its unique and eye-catching look that beautifully complements your facial features. It’s no wonder ladies are hopping on the look and slaying effortlessly. So, if you wanna be part of the team rocking this beautiful coiffure, stay on this page as we’ll share tips and style inspirations to help you wear the Cuban twist hairstyle like a queen.

Origin of the Cuban Twist

Close up view of a lady rocking the cuban twist hair

This gorgeous hairstyle is said to have roots in the African diaspora, particularly from the Caribbean and African American communities. Its history can be traced to the hair braiding and twisting techniques in Ancient Africa. However, the hairstyle gained immense popularity in Cuba, hence its moniker. In places like Jamaica and Haiti, it became known as Marley Twist, a nod to Jamaican Singer Bob Marley, who popularized the look.

These days, lovers of protective and stunning hairstyles embrace the hairdo. Its versatility makes it more appealing as it allows you to personalize your hair and rock it however you like.

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Why is the Cuban Twist Hair Trending?

Backview of the gorgeous hairstyle

The answer is simple: it’s a protective hairstyle. These days, people are extra careful with what they do to their hair. With the damage of heat styling tools and wrong styling techniques, many ladies have experienced permanent hair loss. So they’d instead embrace a hairstyle that shields their hair from environmental factors while also promoting growth than do otherwise.

Since the Cuban twist hair is made of natural fibers as extensions, it is an excellent option for settling for protective hairstyles.

How Long Does the Cuban Twist Last?

Back view of the stunning hairstyle

The Cuban twist hair can last from four to eight weeks. However, the longevity of the hairstyle depends on many factors, like your maintenance routine, the installation technique, and the quality of the extensions you use.

Furthermore, it’s possible to extend the lifespan of your Cuban hairdo if you follow a good maintenance routine, like regular touch-ups or wearing a satin bonnet to cover your hair at night.

Can You Shampoo Your Twist?

Picture showing a lady rocking a jumbo cuban twist hair

Yes, you can. But as opposed to the traditional shampooing method, opt for a dry shampoo instead. The dry shampoo is perfect for your Cuban twist as it absorbs all the excess oil and refreshes your hairdo. Also, use a leave-in conditioner to keep your twist soft and hydrated all day.

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Benefits of the Cuban Twist Hair

Picture of a lady posing for selfie with her cuban hairdo

What makes Cuban twists such a popular protective style? These reasons:

  • It allows natural hair and scalp to be tucked away from environmental damage such as excessive sun exposure, heat tools, brushing/combing friction, etc.
  • It retains your hair length by keeping the ends tucked in 
  • It offers a convenient stretched style that doesn’t require daily maintenance for up to two months.
  • Its versatility gives options for decorative styling techniques or the use of accessories. 
  • It offers less tension on edges compared to box braids or weave hairstyles.

How to Install the Cuban Twist Hair?

Picture of a lady in red rocking a side swept style of the hair

Installing the Cuban twist is quite easy.  Follow these steps to achieve a gorgeous hairdo you can rock all day long: 

  • Prep your hair by washing and drying your hair, ensuring it is dirt-free.
  • Divide your hair into small sections then braid them to keep any strand from falling off your clear-cut line.
  • Using a twisting technique, attach the hair extension to one of the small sections.
  • Continue doing this, until you’ve covered your head with the Cuban twist extensions.
  • Once you cover your head with the extensions, separate each twist for a more voluminous look.
  • Style your hair whichever way you want for a flawless look.

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Cuban Twist Hair Ideas for the Stylish Woman

Full picture of  a lady sitting pretty with her cuban twist

Now that you have an idea of the gorgeous hairdo making waves in the beauty and fashion industry, here are the style ideas you should consider: 

Bob Cuban Twist

Close up view of a lady rocking the jumbo sized hairstyle

This particular style features an extra large twist that frames your face beautifully. If you want a statement look without stress, the bob Cuban twist is perfect.

Half Up Half Down Cuban Twist

Full view showing a lady rocking a half up half down style of the hairdo

The styling possibilities for Cuban hair are endless. For example, you can rock them as half up, half down for an effortless slay moment.

Crochet Cuban Twist Hair

Picture showing a lady rocking a crochet cuban twist

The crochet technique is another way of installing your Cuban extensions. Ask your stylist to highlight specific parts for a gorgeous look.

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Accessorized Cuban Twists

Close up view of a lady rocking the accessorized cuban hairdo

All you need to add more accents to your look are some hair accessories. Accessories are an age-old fashion staple that can elevate your appearance anytime.

Waist-Length Twists

Picture showing a lady rocking her waist length cuban  hairdo

Need more length? Opt for this waist-length Cuban twist style and make a fashion statement with them.

Cuban Twist With a Shaved Side

Picture showing a lady rocking the hairdo with shaved sides

No one says you can’t have fun with both worlds. So if you want an edgy and fashionable look, rock your twists with shaved sides and slay.

Bohemian Cuban Twist

Close up view of a lady rocking the Bohemian twist cuban hairstyle

Bohemian vibes are not limited to braids. So add that curly goddess touch to your twists and give a new spin to your already flawless hair.

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Colored Twist

Picture showing  a lady rocking a the purple colrored extension of the iconic hairstyle

The hair extension comes in different colors, such as black, grey, blue, blonde, purple, and many others. The most important thing is settling for a color that suits you best. 

Cuban Twist Hair: An Undeniable Flawless Style for Women

Gorgeous photo of a smiling lady with the side parted hairstyle

Cuban twist hair is undeniably a beautiful protective style that continues to grow in popularity. By twisting natural hair on its own or with added extensions, this style lets your hair rest and retain moisture for four to eight weeks. You can rock them like that or adorn the twists with accessories like cowries, cuffs, barrettes, hair clips, beads, etc., threaded through the twists.

This hairdo offers the best of both worlds. It conveniently stretches out your natural hair so you look stunning while at it. Embrace the gorgeous Cuban twist hairstyle to get a break from daily styling. If you need more inspos to show your hairstylist, here they are: 

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