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25 Korean Haircut Ideas for a Timeless Look

If you’re a lover of K-drama and its shows, you must have noticed the stylish Korean haircut your faves sport. Apart from their impeccable dress sense, Korean stars have a clean, gentlemanly vibe that leaves ladies swooning in sheer admiration and fantasies. 

Side view of a guy rocking one of the popular korean haircut

And now that Korean pop culture has been making more waves in recent years, expect to see more men rocking these iconic haircuts. From K-pop music to Korean street fashion and skincare, elements of modern Korean culture have become global trends. The hairdos are cool haircuts you can rock even if you lead a busy lifestyle. 

So, if you’re looking for ideas to start sporting this hair trend, keep reading to see the best of them.

Why are Korean Haircuts Popular?

Side  view of an handsome guy rocking the korean haircut

Korean haircuts have taken the world by storm for these reasons:

K-Pop Influence 

Korean pop music stars like BTS have enthralled young people around the globe. They, of course, would want to imitate the styles of their favorite K-pop idols, such as the bowl cut and undercut.

Social Media 

Videos and photos spread rapidly online, enabling the trends to gain international momentum.

Style Experimentation

Korea has become a major center for youth culture and style experimentation in Asia. Lovers of fashion in the country are bold and expressive through their haircuts.

Barber Skills

Korean barbers are at the forefront regarding haircut expertise. They are now sought after for their mastery of the latest trends.

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10 Stunning Korean Haircut Ideas You Should Wear

Full view of a guy wearing a stylish korean haircut

Here’s a look at some of the popular Korean haircuts that will give you a dapper look: 

Bowl Korean Haircut

Full picture of a guy rocking the bowl cut

The bowl cut is one of the coolest, trendy haircuts in Korea. Many K-pop stars have been rocking modern bowl-cut styles with faded sides and longer hair on top, fueling the interest in this look internationally. 

The style features hair of the same length around the head, resembling an upside-down bowl. However, most Korean barbers like to add fades and undercuts to elevate the look. Feel free to put your spin on the look. Regardless, you’ll still look good.

The Perm Korean Haircut

Picture showing a korean guy rocking a perm cut

Want to add some volume, curl, and bounce to your straight hair? The perm is your solution. This look is becoming increasingly popular in the country; Koreans keep sporting curly, permed locks rather than slick straight hair. 

The Undercut

Side view of a Korean guy rocking the undercut

The undercut involves shaving or cutting your hair short on the back and sides while leaving your hair long on top. This super trendy cut has taken off around the world. Its versatility makes it easy to adapt and suit any style or vibe. Keep the top section long, or chop it off; whichever way you style it, the undercut remains an eye-catching look. 

Korean Mullet

Picture of a guy rocking the korean mullet

The mullet is a trendy look that is popular worldwide. It’s versatile and welcomes a unique spin if you’d like to tweak it to your taste. For example, instead of allowing the long hair on top to be like that, perm it for a more stylish touch. You can also go for a curly mullet or a burst fade mullet. Anyone works for that Korean-ish look.

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Short Sides with a Blunt Bang 

Close up view of a guy rocking a popular korean haircut, the short sides with bang

Short side with blunt bangs is another trendy Korean haircut you should rock to stand out. The cut involves faded sides with shorter blunt bangs on top for an edgy and bold look.

Curtain Fringe 

Side view of a guy rocking the curtain fringe haircut

Don’t wanna worry about running your hands through your hair and ruining the grooming that took you hours to achieve? Give the curtain fringe a shot. It allows you to enjoy the beauty of bangs yet keeps your hair off your face. This haircut is styled in a way that ensures you look fresh all day long. With it, you relax and focus on what needs them the most.

Two-Block Korean Haircut

Close up view of a guy rocking the two block cut.

The two-block cut has become emblematic of Korean haircuts in recent years. It features short sides and back with longer hair in the front and on top. The name comes from the visual effect of having two sections or “blocks” of hair of different lengths. It has a clean, modern look that many people find super attractive. 

Side-Swept Bangs

Full view of a guy rocking the side swept bangs

This haircut is often popular for men aiming for a charming look. The side-swept bangs are stylish and suit men with straight hair. This way, you style whichever way you want and still look dapper. 

Spiky Top With Faded Sides

Side view of a guy rocking the spiky top with faded sides

Korean barbers have created unique hairdos like the spiky top with faded sides to keep men looking eye-catching and stylish every time. Try it if you love the look.

Slicked-Back Korean Haircut

Picture showing a guy rocking a nice slicked back hairstyle

The slicked-back hairstyle remains a timeless look that many men rock to date. It’s the perfect haircut for any occasion. Pair it with a perfectly tailored suit for a gentlemanly look.

Korean Wolfcut

Korean wolfcut

The Korean wolf cut is a modern version of the classic shag haircut. It has an edgy, messy, and textured appearance, which gives it a wild and untamed look.

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Korean Haircut: An Iconic Trend Beyond the Borders of Korea 

Side view of a guy rocking the stylish undercut with fringe, a popular korean haircut

While they originated in Korea, these stylish haircuts aren’t confined to the borders of Asia. Thanks to the rise of Korean fashion and films, we now see them on the streets of top cities around the globe.

Korean haircuts have undoubtedly emerged as sought-after styles in barbershops far beyond Korea. International barbers are studying Korean hair techniques and styles to recreate the most popular looks for their clients. With the fresh and clean aesthetic these haircuts promise, many men are now hopping on the trend.

Also, the versatility of these cuts makes them appealing and accessible. And as fashion evolves, these haircuts continue to make their mark everywhere, influencing global hair trends for years.

However, what we curated is just a fragment of the many variations of the trendy look. If you need more inspiring ideas, check out the photos below:

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