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27 Pop Smoke Braids Style Ideas To Look Gorgeous 

Ever heard of Pop Smoke braids? From its name, you can tell the rapper Pop Smoke popularized the hairstyle.  While many people rocked these braids to pay homage to the late rapper, it progressed to become one of the protective hairstyles available for everyone.

Picture of a lady on jean rocking the pop smoke braids

If you’re thinking of switching up your hairstyle to this one, it’s a good thing you are on this page. You’ll get the lowdown on these braids, including maintenance tips and style ideas on how to rock it for a standout look.

How did the Braids Come to Be?

Back view of a guy showing off his pop smoke braids

Pop Smoke, born Bashar Barakah Jackson, emerged as a rising star in the hip-hop world with a magnetic presence and a unique musical style that blended drill, rap, and trap. Yet, beyond his musical prowess, Pop Smoke became a trendsetter, notably for his signature hairstyle—elaborate braids often styled in intricate patterns. 

The hairstyle is also known as tribal or jumbo feed-in braids with a middle part. You can either recreate it with your natural hair or add extensions for length and volume. And as hairstylists all over the world keep exploring their creativity, new ways to rock this coiffure keep popping up every day.

 How Long do Pop Smoke Braids Last?

Back view of a guy showing off the look with his natural hair

This hairstyle, like any other cornrow, can last anywhere from six to eight weeks, depending on the natural texture of your hair, your hair type, and the method used to braid it.

But to ensure your hair stays in place while you sleep, wear a satin scarf at all times if you plan to keep this hairstyle for at least a month. Also, apply some foaming mousse to your braids at least once a week to keep your hair looking fresh. Then apply some edge control gel around your edges for a fresh new look.

Can I Wash My Hair While in Pop Smoke Braids?

Back view of a lady rocking the unique coiffure

Yes, It is totally fine to wash your hair while wearing pop smoke braids. However, it is advisable to wait at least four weeks to wash your braids because the hair tends to frizz easily.

To reduce the chance of frizzing up the style, use a dry shampoo and apply it only to the scalp when you do decide to wash your hair. If you choose to clean your braids with conventional shampoo, massage the braids gently with your fingertips and apply all of the shampoo to the scalp. After rinsing, follow up with a conditioner or conditioning spray to bring back the moisture and shine to the look.

Do Pop Smoke Braids Damage Your Edges?

Picture of a lady showing off her extra large pop smoke braids

Pop Smoke braids feature cornrows that sit close to your edges. Hence, improper installation can damage your edges because the style places a lot of stress and strain on the hairline.

To avoid this, ensure the stylist installing your braids does not place them too tightly. This is because too much tension can tug on your baby hair and cause them to break off. Also, when taking out your braids, remove the hair around your edges gently, since this is where most people make the error of pulling too hard and ripping out the delicate hairs.

Beautiful Style Ideas to Inspire Your Next Look

Close up view of  a guy rocking the look

Now that you have more information about this unique hairstyle, choose from any of these hairstyles and head to the salon right away.

Long Pop Smoke Braids

Close up view of a guy in shades rocking the pop smoke braids

You can wear these braids at any length. So, if your mane is long, you’ll end up with a prominent, long Pop Smoke braids hairstyle. You can wear it with a line-up haircut for more emphasis.

Pop Smoke Braids with Stitches

Close up view of a guy rocking the look with stitches

There are several ways to up your Pop Smoke braid styles. If complex braiding isn’t your thing, consider trying complex partings with deliberate spaces and sectioned lines in between each cornrow. This is one stitch braid style you don’t wanna miss out on.

Tribal Feed-In  Pop Smoke Cornrows

Picture of a lady wearing her tribal braids the pop smoke way

Tribal braids are a fantastic way to highlight your best facial features and give your braids a lovely structure. If you want a style that will draw attention from all angles, go for this one.

Pop Smoke Braids with Clear Beads

Picture of a lady wearing the pop smoke braids with clear beads

You can also decide to accessorize your braids with clear beads to look different and stylish. One thing about clear beads is they definitely will look good on any braid you install.

Short Pop Smoke Braids 

Back view of a guy rocking his pop smoke braids with style

As we previously stated, this hairstyle’s length is completely customizable. So, don’t think you can’t wear these braids if you have short hair. It’s not a barrier for Pop Smoke braids at all. For hair that is at least an inch long, pop smoke feed-in braids are a fantastic alternative since you can weave in braided hair to add length.

Pop Smoke Braids With Color

Lil Yatchty shows off his colorful pop smoke braids

Rappers rarely surprise people, even with braids, as this is their signature style. However, by opting for colorful Pop Smoke braids, Lil Yachty has managed to elevate them to an even higher level of dopeness. He simply used a bright-colored hair extension to create his own style.

Side Part braids

Picture of a girl wearing the coiffure in a side part style

You can decide to put a spin to this hairstyle by opting for a side part instead of the signature middle part. Trust me, you’ll still look good.

Short Pop Smoke Braids for Kids

Beautiful picture showing a baby girl rocking the braids with her natural hair

These braids are not for adults alone—your little one can also rock this look. So put a smile on your baby’s face by taking them to the stylist for the braids and accessorizing the look with beads to get the groove going.

Pop Smoke Dreads

Picture of a guy rocking the pop smoke dreads

Dreads and braids are two of the most common hip-hop hairstyles. So if you have dreads, consider styling it the pop smoke way. Trust me, it makes a fantastic combo. The combination of these protective hairstyles not only looks striking and stylish, but it also lasts far longer than each of them alone.

 Extra large Braids

Full picture of a girl rocking the braids in an extra large way

Extra large braids are always beautiful no matter the occasion. Feel free to rock this style with a baddie outfit and be that certified baddie.

Pop Smoke Braids is a Style for All Seasons

Full picture showing a lady rocking the braids with class

One thing about these braids, you’ll look good on them regardless of your gender or age. And no matter the season you rock them, you will be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of people. 

And if you need more inspiration for this coiffure, check out more pictures we’ve curated for you:

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