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Beard Fade: How To Trim and Achieve That Gentlemanly Look

There was a time when a big bushy beard was a thing, but it doesn’t hold a candle to a neat beard fade for that classy gentlemanly look. Pairing a clean haircut with a faded beard elevates and instantly transforms your appearance.

Side view of a guy rocking a beard fade

However, some men find it difficult to smoothly integrate their beard with their haircut. This could be because they have a scattered hair growth pattern. If that’s your problem, knowing how to fade your beard for it to blend seamlessly will put all your worries to rest. So if you’re thinking of how to achieve that clean look with your beards, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll show you how to transform your beard game with a faded look.

What is a Beard Fade?

Pictorial  view of the beard fade

A beard fade shares the same similarities with the fade on your head. The difference is that it is on your face, not your head. It involves the gentle blending of longer to shorter hair to create a seamless graduation of length on a particular part of your face. You can fade your beard in different ways like doing a sideburn or fading underneath your neck or cheeks. 

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Will a Beard Fade Work for You?

Side view of a guy rocking the iconic look

Although this look comes with many advantages, it’s not for everyone. And that’s because it goes beyond styling or switching up your look to how ready you are to maintain it. So if you know you won’t give it the attention it deserves, try something else. More so, you need to understand that facial hair patterns can be inconsistent, thus resulting in a patch beard that is impossible to transform into a decent fade.

Why Fade Your Beard?

Side profile of a guy rocking the curly hiaircut

A fade adds more accents to your beard. It enhances your look, transforming you into a suave man. Also, looks beautiful on the beard for any texture of hair, just like a fade on a haircut. When done correctly, it enhances the attractiveness of your beard, which is, after all, the main reason you have a beard in the first place. 

In addition, if your body type isn’t slim, this look can give you an illusion of a thinner face. Although it is more difficult to fade your beard yourself, you can master the techniques by watching DIY videos, following the instructions in this piece, or learning from a professional barber. And since practice makes perfect,  you’ll keep getting better if you keep it up.

Know How to Fade Like a Pro 

Picture showing a guy rocking his fade with glasses

So let’s answer your burning question; How do you trim a faded beard? Start by washing it with a beard shampoo to keep it fresh and clean. Then proceed with beard oil to hydrate it. Afterward, brush it gently to eliminate any tangles. Then follow the steps below:

  • Set your beard and mustache to your desired length. For short beards, program your beard trimmer to its longest setting and trim down your facial hair to your preferred size and length. The longer the length, the more you’ll need to take off around the sideburns.
  • After trimming, tighten up your beard neckline. Brush any stray hair downwards and place your finger in the middle of your neck. Work the trimmer in a circular motion until you reach the top of your jaw on each side.
  • Cut any loose or remaining hairs with a pair of scissors.
  • Draw a straight or round line from the top of your sideburns to the top of your mustache. Repeat this on both sides. When using a trimmer or scissors on the cheeks, make sure that you cut up and outwards so you don’t nudge into that new clean line you’ve just made. And if you don’t want to line up your cheeks, cut the cheek hairs creeping up under your eyes. 

After taking the steps above, it’s time for the final and most important phase in the beard fade process.

  • Start by trimming an inch above your jawline, with a length setting one inch below the overall length of your beard. This will slightly trim the beard hair down to start the fade. Then trim another inch towards the top length of your sideburns.
  • Continue doing this until you reach your hair and the top of your sideburns. You can also go the other way, starting from the sideburns and working your way down.

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Tips For Fading Your Beard

Side view showing a clean fade

As you glide down your face, gradually reduce the length of your beard by starting at the longest beard trimmer setting, which is slightly shorter than your total beard. Also, aim to maintain shorter facial hair as it’s key to a layered fade. And ensure your beard blending remains undetectable as it grows. 

Once you’ve completed the first fade, maintain your look. Doing so provides you with a clean, fresh appearance and works well on both short and long beards. Whether you go with beard oil or a beard balm, we advise finishing with high-quality beard products. Including them in your regimen will help you preserve the contour of your fresh beard fade, seal in moisture, and encourage healthy hair growth.

Beard Fade Styles You Should Try

Picture showing a  guy with a neat clean  line

Now that you know how to fade your facial hair, It’s time to choose a trendy and flattering beard style. Luckily, we’ve curated some of the best beard fade styles out there. Pick the one that resonates with you the most and recreate it right away.

Long Faded Beard

Picture of  a guy rocking the long beard fade

Learning how to fade a beard offers numerous benefits. For one, you won’t deny yourself the pleasure of wearing a long beard without looking shaggy. So if you have a long beard already, go for this look.

Mid-Length Faded Beard

Side view of a guy rocking a mid length beard fade

If you’re still hesitating to do a fade too high or too low, how about you opt for the mid-length fade? This beard style is moderate and fashionable, thus allowing you to sport it to both formal and casual events. 

Short Beard Fade

Picture showing a guy rocking the short length

If you don’t dig long beard styles, you can still rock a short beard fade. Since the hair on your cheeks and jawline are not the same length, this beard fade looks smoother and more blended than others.

Skin Fade With Beard

Picture   showing the skin fade  with beard

Imagine a skin fade with a beard. Cool, right? This look creates a clean-cut appearance that gives you a complementary suave appeal. 

Thick Cropped Bang

picture showing a guy rocking the thick cropped bang

Beard fade comes in different styles and the thick cropped bang is one of them. Here’s how to achieve it: start with the shortest hair around your temples and let it increase gradually until it joins your thick mustache. 

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Beard Fade: A Timeless Look For All Ages

Side view of  a guy rocking the iconic beard style

Your facial hair has to grow to its fullest potential before you can achieve the popular beard fade look. So, you need to have patience and let your beard grow for at least a month for thickness and coverage to develop. And don’t forget to adopt proper grooming as it keeps your hair neat and healthy all the way. 

Once your beard hits your desired length visit a skilled barber to shape and detail the edges to contrast beautifully with a tapered fade haircut on the sides. In addition, define crisp lines and remove any scraggly hairs or patches. This ensures your facial hair makes a bold statement and balances smoothly with the short faded sides and back.

Then put in the work to nurture and max out your beard growth before pairing it with a cleanly clipped fade. The result is an urbane, dimensional style with facial hair as the focal point that when executed precisely creates a striking look that turns heads.

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