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29 Stunning 90s Hairstyles That Are Still Cool Today

When we talk about the ’90s, we are talking about an era that defined pop culture. From fashion to beauty trends, that era remains an unforgettable one in the history of fashion. Thankfully, fashion trends are cyclical, and 90s hairstyles are making a huge comeback with a modern twist.

Picture of lady on shades showing off her 90s modern day look

90s references are everywhere these days especially with how celebrities, influencers, and the rest of us are styling and cutting our hair. Messy bangs, pixie cuts, and layered hair are some of the popular throwbacks. 

If you’re as nostalgic as I am, then you’ll love this roundup of the ’90s hairstyles that are still cool today. Add them to your hairstyle bucket list and be ready to give them a modern twist that’ll leave onlookers admiring your sense of style.

Why 90s Hairstyles?

Picture of  a lady smiling at camera with her gorgeous look

Each decade tends to bring about its own iconic hair moments. 80’s hairstyles were much more different than the 90s. However, the ’90s was a time were hairstyles defined people’s personalities as some people seemed to change when they switch from crimped hair to wrapped hair. For instance, a lot of people imitated Rachel Green’s hairstyle from Friend’s season.

15 Iconic 90s Hairstyles You Should Consider

Mega thee stallion shows off her hot girl look

In recent years, fashion and beauty trends have seen a resurgence of the 90s vibe with hairstyles from this era reclaiming the spotlight. Here’s a look at some of them.

Rachel’s Hairstyle

Picture Jennifer Anniston wearing the popular Rachel's haircut

One of the famous hairstyles of the 90s was the Rachel cut made famous by Jennifer Aniston’s character on the hit TV show “Friends.” This layered, face-framing cut is one chic and effortless look still in vogue today.

Pixie Haircut

90s Hairstyles: Picture of a lady wearing a pixie cut

There was a period when girls dreamt of being boys once in their life and pixie cut was one of the go-to hairstyles for achieving that manly look. This 90s haircut is the perfect look for that face. Pixie haircuts are one look that makes your stylish boy vibe come true.

Red Carpet Curly 90s Hairstyles 

90s Hairstyles: Picture of Cindy Crawford red carpet curls

Popularized by Supermodel Cindy Crawford, the big, blown-out hair doesn’t actually scream ‘90s—instead, it feels timeless. You can get this easily done using hot rollers at home.

Braided Top Knot

90s Hairstyles: picture of Gabrielle Union with her braded top knot

Nothing gives off a ’90s vibe like long braids and a trendy top knot. You can leave a few pieces out to frame your face for a stylish effortless look.

Wixie Cut

90s Hairstyles: Picture of the Wixie cut

Yes, the wixie cut is one stylish look that has made a huge comeback from the 90s. It features side-swept micro bangs and wispy ends.It’s the perfect cross between a pixie and a shag. So try this look if you want to get your 90s vibe going.

Modern Layers

90s Hairstyles: Picture of Billie wearing modern layers

The bob-and-bang combo is one look that will never go out of style. The modern layers are the modernized version of the 90s layers. Go for this look if you don’t mind some bangs.

Butterfly Embellishments

90s Hairstyles: Picture of the star wearing butterfly accessories

Remember that period when we couldn’t style our hair without using butterfly accessories to enhance our looks? Well, they’re still in vogue. You can decide to use those that are all glam and glitzy or a laidback clip that shows your girly side. 

The Face-Framing Messy Bun

Picture of Hailey Bieber rocking the face framing bun

The only thing better than a messy bun in the ’90s is a messy bun with long, detached tendrils. Nowadays this look has become a favorite among many. To achieve it, try not to be too precise. For instance, if some pieces fall out, use them to your advantage as they will add to your messy approach.

Twists 90s Hairstyles

Picture of a star showing off her twists

Twists are one protective style that never goes out of fashion. If you want to recreate that 90s vibe with your twist, style into into a half-up, half-down bun to achieve the total ’90s perfection. 

Prom Updo

Picture of a gorgeous star with a cool look

This look was the popular prom look of the 90s, as you can see it is timeless and many ladies are still opting for it in the 21st century. If you have natural curls, styling becomes easier, however, you can add a few twisted pieces to make it edgy and youthful.

To get the look, gather your hair high up on the apex of your head, tie the pony up, and backcomb the base for more volume. In addition, you can touch up the curls with an iron to make them look more defined.

The Outward Flip 90s Hairstyles

90s Hairstyles: Picture of Keke palmer with the outward flip

The popular 90s outward flip now has a modernized version to it. To get this vintage-inspired hairdo, part your hair in a side-swept style, use stylish accessories to keep it tucked in, and leave it undone. 

Brandy’s Gorgeous Braids

90s Hairstyles: Picture showing Brandy's gorgeous braids

It’s safe to say Brandy was one of the celebrities that popularized box braids in the 90s. And yes, the timeless look has stood the test of time, with hairstylists churning out different variations to make ladies more beautiful.

Flower Accessories for 90s Hairstyles

Picture of a star with flowers on their hair

Flower accessories were a huge deal of the 90’s era. It’s crazy to see it going strong over 30 years later. Nowadays, ladies in love with boho vibes add some flowers to complete their free-spirited look.

Tousled Curls

Picture showing Mariah  Carey tousled curls

Tousled curls were also a big 90s hairstyle with stars like Mariah Carey making it their signature look. So if you want to recreate this look, get some rollers. But if you are blessed with natural curls, put the heat straightening tools down a bit and consider embracing your natural texture.

High Pigtails 90s Hairstyles

Picture of star with her pigtails

The stylish high pigtails were one of the hairstyles that reminded us of the 90s. Now you see them in a modernized version like the two high buns everywhere.

90s Hairstyle:  A Nostalgic Trend Making a Comeback

Picture of a lady wearing the pixie cut

The resurgence of 90s hairstyles serves as a testament to the cyclical nature of style. What was once considered retro and dated has found a new lease on life, captivating audiences with its charm and distinctive allure. Whether it’s the playful accessories, voluminous locks, or effortlessly chic cuts, the 90s hairstyles continue to leave an indelible mark on the world of fashion and beauty.

As trends continue to recycle through the decades, the enduring appeal of 90s hairstyles proves that some styles truly stand the test of time. It further reminds us that fashion is an ever-evolving, yet cyclical, form of self-expression.

Need more 90’s style ideas to hasten your visit to the salon? Check out the pictures we’ve curated for you.

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