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How to Make Ankara Earrings – DIY Tips

As the need to practise social distancing increases day by day, we’re left with no choice but to remain at home and get used to the boredom —so much for Coronavirus. Staying at home every day with nothing new to do and meeting no new persons can be very much frustrating. This makes us miss the days when we could easily relate with neighbors, go partying, etc., without getting scared of some deadly pandemic. Those days are on standstill for now. We have to get used to this necessary lockdown situation on ground, turn it into a staycation and harness it to our benefits. One of such ways is to learn a new skill or handcraft like how to make Ankara earrings.

The Ankara fabric is a very versatile one. Apart from using it to sew the latest styles such as short gowns, crop tops, peplum tops, kimono, palazzo pants, jumpsuits, playsuits, blazers, etc., you can use it to accessorise. That is, Ankara can always serve to make bags, shoes, bangles, earrings, and other jewelry. Our focus in this article is how to make Ankara earrings. The steps are simple and if you practise frequently while or after reading, you’ll become a pro in no time.

Materials Needed to Make Ankara Earrings

  • A piece of Ankara fabric
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Hoop Earrings

How to Make Ankara Earrings

1. Cut The Fabric

Cut your Ankara fabric into thin vertical strips. The thin strips of Ankara should be long enough to go through your earrings, preferably one inch wide and 15cm in length.

2. Apply Glue

Your glue should be a fabric-friendly one. Apply the glue at the edges of the Ankara strips as you’ll be folding in both edges to make the strips look neater. You should also apply glue around the hoop earrings as it helps the fabric stick well to the hoops thereby lasting longer.

3. Wrap the Fabric Around Your Earrings

Use the thin strips of Ankara to wrap around your earrings as neatly as possible in a diagonal angle.  Make sure the wraps are tight enough to remain glued to the earrings. Ensure some parts of your earrings do not show by overlapping the Ankara well on the earrings. When this is done, cut the extraneous fabric with your scissors and your Ankara earrings is ready to be worn.

You can watch the video below for a better understanding.

You may not grasp it at first attempt but continuous practice would definitely help you in getting it right. While you stay at home awaiting an end to the COVID-19 pandemic, improve yourself by learning a simple skill like how to make Ankara earrings so when the drama is all over, you’d be stepping out in grand style.


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