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5 Ways to Properly Moisturise Natural Hair

Why do you think many people experience pain while combing their natural hair? Because of how dry it could be, of course. Naturally, our scalp produces oil called sebum. This oil hardly touches the ends of the hair as a result of the nature of Afro-textured hair. And when this happens, the best option is to figure out other ways to properly moisturise natural hair.

There are many products in the market which serve to moisturise natural hair. But knowing how to moisturise natural hair goes beyond applying oil on it. You have to also understand your hair, come up with a suitable routine and get the right products that will be healthy for your hair.

How to Properly Moisturise Natural Hair

5 Ways to Properly Moisturise Natural Hair

1. Hydrate Your Hair

Just as your body needs water to survive, your natural hair needs water too to stay moisturised. In fact, water is the number one moisturiser for your hair. You can moisturise your hair by doing either of these: drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day or, if you aren’t on braids or weaves, spritz water over your hair every day. When you do this, concentrate on the shaft and make sure water reaches there.

2. Apply Oil on Your Scalp

While some people’s natural hair produces little sebum, others produces much oil. If your natural hair produces much sebum, then you don’t have to do this step. But if your scalp is dry because your hair hardly produces enough sebum, then this particular step is for you. Apply coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil or any other natural oil to your scalp, massaging it to the shaft. You don’t have to apply the oil every day as this makes it less effective. Most importantly, you should should wet your scalp a bit with water before applying any oil because oil isn’t a moisturiser but a sealant. Combining both water and oil on your natural hair keeps your hair moisturised always.

3. Use a Sealant to Moisturise Your Hair

Sealants are used to seal a surface so as to prevent passage of a fluid. They contain butter oils that keep the shafts of your hair flexible and soft all the time. Also, sealants smoothen the hair cuticles, thereby locking in moisture in your natural hair.

To apply sealants on your hair, make sure your hair is damp or just washed then make it into different twists. Afterwards, apply a good sealant on your hair and style as you wish.

4. Use the LCO Method

Another way to properly moisturise your hair is to use the Liquid/leave-in, cream and oil method. This method also helps to lock in oil in your natural hair. To use this method, first, your hair has to be wet otherwise you spritz water all over it. Second, apply your leave-in conditioner thoroughly. Afterwards, divide your hair into sections and apply your hair cream from root to tip, making sure you smooth it down evenly. Then apply oil in the different sections of your hair. Endeavour to do this evenly so as to seal in moisture in your hair shaft. Finally, mat your hair into twists and let it dry.

5. Use the LOC Method

The LOC method means liquid/leave-in, oil and cream. It has to do with layering products on your natural hair to help retain water. For this method, you either use water or a water-based leave-in conditioner. To use this method, first of all, your hair has to be wet so you either divide your hair into sections and spritz water on it or you simply wash your hair and apply the leave-in conditioner. Secondly, apply oil and smoothen it down your hair. Thirdly, apply your cream just as you applied the oil. Finally, mat your hair into twists and allow to dry.

There are different ways to properly moisturise natural hair. You just have to figure out which method suits the texture of your hair best and keep doing it. Also, while practising how to properly moisturise natural hair, you should avoid over-styling your hair as this can lead to hair breakage and damage. Furthermore, remember to always wear your satin bonnet before retiring to bed. A satin hair bonnet is perfect for retaining moisture in the hair and preventing split ends.

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