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27 Lemonade Braids Style Ideas for the Classic Woman

It’s common to see hairstyles named after your favorite drinks or food, like Ice cream hairsalmon sushi, cereal hair, etc. So it shouldn’t be surprising to know there’s a hairstyle named after a summer drink lemonade braids.

Picture showing a lady rocking the lemonade braids

These braids are a fresh and fun hairstyle capable of turning heads. It combines the classic look of box braids with cornrows, a dash of Fulani braids, and some cool-laid edges. With lemonade braids, you’re sure to slay every moment with ease. So, if you want to rock this gorgeous look, we have the best style ideas to inspire you in this post. Keep reading; you’ll surely find the one that appeals to you.

Who Inspired Lemonade Braids?

Picture showing Beyonce rocking the iconic hairstyle

The gorgeous hairstyle was inspired by no other than Queen Bey. If you recall, Beyonce sported side brides with an eye-catching pattern on the visual cover of the album Lemonade. The Queen also rocked the look for her song, Formation, and was on a tour of the same name. Since then, the name has stuck, becoming a top request in salons.

Although the hair has been around for ages with monikers like side braids or side cornrows, Beyoncé inspired its iconic name.

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How Long Does the Lemonade Braids Last?

Picture of a gorgeous lady rocking the two-toned lemonade braids

Like any protective and versatile hairstyle, lemonade can sit pretty on your scalp for at least two to four weeks. Moreover, they’re low maintenance and can be done with natural hair or extensions.

Can You Add Hair Accessories to Your Lemonade Braids?

Picture showing a lady rocking the side braids

Yes, you can. I don’t think there’s any braid style that you can’t accessorize. These accessories elevate a stunning look from an A to an A plus. So, ask your stylist to add hair beads or metal cuffs after braiding for that edgy royal finish.

What Kind Of Hair Do You Use for Lemonade Braids?

Picture of a lady rocking the gorgeous braid style

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to lemonade braids. You can use any extension, whether straight or curly, or you can even wear braids with your natural hair. The lemonade braids stay beautiful on any extension, length, or color you choose.

However, lately, ladies opt for curly and wavy extensions because of the extra oomph they give the style. The texture and volume of extensions create a stunning contrast with the cornrows on top. But the answer to the question above remains: any straight or curly extension will create a striking lemonade braid look.

10 Stunning Lemonade Braid Style Ideas to Try.

Picture showing a gorgeous rocking the look with two extensions

Below, we’ve rounded up gorgeous lemonade braids to enhance your beauty. Enjoy the trip:

Bold-colored Lemonade Braids 

Picture showing  a lady rocking the red extension lemonade braids

Nothing like a vibrant color to take your braid game to the next level. Using bold-colored extensions announces you even before you say a word. It is beautiful and elegant.

Curly/Wavy Lemonade Braids

Gorgeous photo of a lady rocking the curly and wavy lemonade braids

The contrast of the neat cornrows and curly ends makes this braid style more attractive. And yes, there’s nothing wrong with incorporating some good boho vibe into your style. It’ll take your coiffure from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Chunky Lemonade Braids 

Backview of a stylish chunky purple braids

Want chunky braids? This hairstyle is versatile enough to give you the look. Feel free to bring all our inner style ideas to life.

Waist-Length Lemonade Braids

Full view of a lady rocking the waist length look of the style

Waist-length braids have something special about them. They’re chic, classy, and always give the wow factor. So, keep the length of your braids at your waist and thank us later.

Gold-Tinted Side Braids

Full view of the gold tinted lemonade braids

The gorgeous hairstyle echoes a sun-kissed look. It is simple to install and complements your skin beautifully. It doesn’t stop there; you can also spice things up by adding some accessories for a stylish touch.

Classic Lemonade Braids

Photo showing a simple classic lemonade braids

Want a simple braid style with no hassle at all? Go for this lemonade braid with black hair extensions. It’s chic, classy, and a forever timeless look. 

Two-Toned Braids

Picture showing the two-tone gorgeous side cornrows

Why settle for a single extension color when you can rock two and still have a slay moment? Incorporating a few vibrant colored extensions into thin or chunky side braids is gorgeous. You should try it out.

Thick and Thin Side Braids

Full view of a girl rocking the thick and thin braid

Don’t know whether to rock the thin or thick style? How about you go for both of them? Your stylist can create gorgeous patterns with this unique style, giving you beautiful results.

Skinny Side Braids

Back view of a skinny lemonade braids

Thin braids are always gorgeous and detailed. Also, they help you show off the beautiful patterns of the braids.

Half-Back and Half-Forth Lemonade Braids

Frontal view of a lady rocking the hair

The versatility of the side braids makes it easy to rock any style you want with ease, knowing that they’ll always look stunning. Try your hands on this half-back and half-forth style; they’re effortlessly beautiful and sit pretty on your head like a crown.

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Lemonade Braid: A Timeless Trendy Look For Every Lady

Picture of a lady rocking the lemonade braids

Lemonade braids are more than just a trendy hairstylethey’re a timeless look that showcases the beauty of every woman. This braid pattern allows stylists to turn hair into masterpieces. But while installing the braids requires technical skill, the resulting look is stunning and unique. With its versatility and protective features, this is one hairstyle that wins you compliments and stares of admiration. 

So, if you seek a unique, eye-catching protective style that highlights the artistry of the African hair culture, lemonade braids are sure to make jaws drop and turn heads everywhere you go. To make things easier for you, we’ve added more photos below so you can feast your eyes and find what style suits you best.

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