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Designer Of The Week: Utoblo Ene Favour Of EnE

EnE is an eponymous street-wear brand based in Lagos. Ever since it was launched in 2018 by its creative director, Utoblo Ene Favour, the brand has been making waves even as it is barely a year old.

Utoblo Ene Favour

What set this beautiful designer, Ene, on the path of Fashion? As one would guess, her love for good dresses and fashion as a whole inspired her to start a clothing line. Since she had the ideas, she decided to follow the passion.

Utoblo Ene Favour

Ene is an epitome of beauty and brains. Through sheer determination and hard work, the EnE brand has made huge sales since Its inception. A visit to the brand’s Instagram page will surely leave one gaping in awe. From the arresting designs of tees, crop tops, underwear, joggers etc., to the lit packaging and delivery service, EnE is one ready-to-wear street wear brand you wouldn’t say no to, not even for the world.

The brand has been featured on magazines, blogs and a few Nigerian celebrities have supported EnE through patronage. Right about now, EnE has been nominated for the best clothing line award and hopefully it should make it. Utoblo Ene Favour aims to inspire other designers while being outstanding and unique with her designs. To know more about the EnE brand, follow their handle on Instagram via: @ene_ltd

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