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Men’s Vest Fashion Outfits to Try out this Season

Bring your t-shirts, polo, and dress shirts closer for a second. It’s time to give them a new look by pairing them with men’s vest fashion. 

These outfits are versatile and multifunctional. When it’s time to hit the gym, attend a wedding, business meeting, or a job interview, they come in handy.

You only have to recognize the various types and pick the one that suits your occasion.

But if you don’t know how to go about that, you’ll find guidance in this post. Just remain on this page and read to the end.

Let’s dive in.

Why Men’s Vest Fashion?

man rocking papas cap and suit vest

The term vest has evolved to refer to different types of men’s clothing. They’ve even sneaked into womenswear fashion as women also have their vests and rock them with style.

These clothes are worn on the upper part of the body. Most of the time, they don’t have sleeves. Some come with buttons or zippers while others are free enough to be worn over the head.

Furthermore, men’s fashion vest are made with fabrics such as cotton, rayon, linen, denim, wool, silk, etc., 

They’re stylish and serve different purposes. For instance, you wear a life vest when in water and you’re about to take a boat ride. You also wear a vest as part of your suit. And there’s another that serves as underwear.

Its purpose is limitless. However, it all depends on the style and cut of your vest. And for that reason, let’s see the types of men’s vest and their befitting occasions.

Types of Men’s Vest Fashion & How to Rock Them

2 men wearing vests fashion and walking on the street

Wear any of these vests to layer your outfits or add style and charm to your look.

1. Suit Vest

man wearing matching suit vest

As the name implies, this one is for formal or business casual occasions.  It comes as part of a three-piece suit, featuring a sleeveless garment that buttons down the front, usually worn over a shirt. 

You can call them waistcoats.

Some are single-breasted while others are double-breasted.

man rocking 3 piece suit

Fabrics suitable for this men’s vest fashion include tweed, cotton, cashmere, silk, wool, linen, etc. 

You can pair your suit vest with matching trousers. Or, if you don’t wanna rock it as a suit ensemble, pair the vest with another pair of tailored pants and you’ll still exude the classic man look.

man wearing a 3 piece cream suit

Wear them to formal settings like luncheons, church, weddings, the office, and other places that require the business casual or formal office wear dress code.

2. Urbane Vests

black man rocking denim vest

These are stylish men’s vest fashion made with fabrics such as leather, denim, suede, etc.

man wearing leather vest

They’re great for casual hangouts or events where you’re free to let your style loose. They help you exude a relaxed, masculine charm when you turn up. 

man wearing denim vest over black T-shirt

3. Casual Vests

man wearing grey gym vest

Your undershirts, gym tank tops, etc., fall under this category. They are mostly made with moisture-wicking or breathable fabrics such as spandex, cotton, polyester, etc.

man wearing white vest to the gym

Wear this vest when you’re exercising. They offer comfort and easy movement as you work out. Furthermore, wear them under your shirts to absorb sweat or create warmth when it’s cold.

man at the gym wearing black gym vest

Vests in this category don’t have buttons or zippers.

4. Warm Vests

man wearing army warm vest

Wear this type of men’s vest fashion when the weather gets cold. They include sleeveless sweaters, cardigans, fleece, quilted, hooded, puffer vests, etc.

man smoking cigarettes in a sweater vest over a white shirt and tie

 Some come with buttons or zippers in front for your comfort.

man wearing black warm vest

How to Wear a Vest

white man rocking papas cap, vest and jeans

Don’t have a suit? Not a problem. Wear your formal vest or waistcoat with a pair of jeans and a button-up shirt. It’ll create a smart casual look that sets you apart from the crowd. Or is it chinos you prefer? Go ahead and pull off the look.

You’ll still look great.

man wearing brown gym vest

Pair your casual vest with a pair of tracksuits, shorts, or joggers when you want to hit the gym. The urbane vests will still look great with any type of jeans too.

And your warm vests? Use them to layer your tees, shirts, polo. Or just wear them like that so long as you’re comfortable.

man with facemask rocking black vest on white T-shirt

These clothes are always in fashion. They’re versatile pieces that never restrict you from owning and flaunting your classic style. 

But when getting one, ensure it fits perfectly. And most importantly, it should suit your personal style.

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