9 Makeup Storage Tips: How to Organize Your Makeup Products

Did you know how you organize your makeup products goes a long way in preserving and maintaining them? Not only does using the makeup storage tips help you stay organized. It also ensures no product spills on another or even gets damaged.

Think about this for a second.

You spend money getting a ton of products to enhance your beauty. And instead of arranging them properly, you put them all in a bag to mix up. 

disorganized makeup container

Here’s what will happen afterward:

  1. You scatter your bag every time you wanna wear makeup.
  2. Some products spill, stain your bag, and stain other products,
  3. Thus eventually leading to waste. 

So, what do you do to avoid this or solve this problem if it’s already happening to you? Simple: use the makeup storage tips to organize your makeup products.

Makeup Storage cart

And how do you arrange your cosmetic products to preserve them and create an overall neat look?

Let’s find out together.

How to Organize Your Makeup Properly

How to Organize Your Makeup Products

Whether you’re a makeup artist or simply a lady who loves to wear makeup, use these tips to ensure your products are safe and sound always.

1. Get a Brush Holder for Your Brushes

Get a Brush Holder for Your Brushes

If you own many `cosmetic brushes, instead of keeping them alongside your foundation, powder, lipstick, etc., put them all in a small container, jar, or cup with the bristles facing up.

This will save you from rummaging in your makeup bag in search of the tiniest brush in your collection. It will also prevent other products from staining your brush bristles.

You can as well go for a brush holder that has different compartments. This way, you keep your eye, lips, brows, and face brushes separately.

After doing this, add your brush holder to your rolling cart, drawer, shelf, mirror, or wherever you keep all your products.

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2. Use a Mirror that has a Shelf Space

Use a Mirror that has a Shelf Space

If you have such a mirror, take advantage of it by putting your beauty products there. 

This includes your perfumes, powder, body cream, foundation, deodorants, face cleanser, and other products that can stay on the mirror’s shelf without falling.

3. Store Your Makeup Sponge in a Sponge Stand

Store Your Makeup Sponge in a Sponge Stand

After using your makeup sponge to apply your foundation, wash and store it on a sponge stand.

This will help it get dry quickly and prevent germs from other surfaces from coming close.

4. Use a Makeup Box/ Bag with Compartments

Use a Makeup Box/ Bag with Compartments

You can as well invest in a makeup bag or box that comes with partitions.

This puts every product in its place and keeps them within reach while showing you all you have at once

5. Use Dividers to Store Palettes

Use Dividers to Store Palettes

If you don’t want your palettes all over the place or stacked on one another, keep them in a divider.

A divider gives each palette a room without any intruding into the other’s space.

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6. Go for Drawer Organizers

Go for Drawer Organizers

These organizers prevent your beauty items from rolling around in your drawer. They also let you group certain items together and stack your products vertically, thereby saving space in your drawer

Use this to organize your cosmetic products.

7. Place Most-Used Products from Left to Right

Place Most-Used Products from Left to Right

Which items do you use very often? Pick them up and arrange them from left to right in your divider, partitioned makeup bag/box, drawer, etc.

Doing this places them at easy reach and saves you from worrying about where a particular product is.

8. When Traveling, Put Fragile Products in a Bubble Wrap

When Traveling, Put Fragile Products in a Bubble Wrap

If you don’t have bubble wrap, use a thick cloth to wrap your fragile beauty products before placing them in a bag for your trip.

This will ensure they don’t break or spill on your clothes while you’re on your trip.

9. For Easy Access, Use a Clear Shelf

For Easy Access, Use a Clear Shelf

A clear shelf lets you see each product as you arranged them. That is, you can see from the outside where your lipstick or palettes are without dipping your hands inside the shelf. And when this happens, you easily grab what you want and get going.

Use a clear shelf to organize your beauty items. They also help turn your perfume bottles into beautiful pieces that adorn your shelf and room.

makeup storage tips

Now that you know the makeup storage tips, go put the knowledge to use and prolong the lives of your makeup products.

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