NACK Apparel: The Streetwear Brand You’d Love To Have In Your Wardrobe
Tolulope Akinpeloye, founder of NACK

Androgynous fashion brand, N.A.C.K (short for Nigerian Articulate Culture Kullection), is the next streetwear mega-brand in Nigeria. As their official website has it, NACK Apparel, founded by Tolulope Akinpeloye, “is a casual brand created to articulate the evolving lifestyle breed of people who are inspired and identified by the belief they have in their SOMEBODYNESS”.

Nack’s tees, hoodies, joggers, caps, etc, all portray an adept handling of streetwear codes and cultural references. Its craftsmanship is so unique for a streetwear brand that many a person including celebrities like Stephanie Coker, Teddy A, Lilian Afegbai and a host of others, are affiliating with it.

NACK Apparel wasn’t left out during Lagos Fashion Week 2018 as its SS19 collections did not only awe the audience but also won celebrity endorsement.

Have a glimpse of some apparel made by N.A.C.K;

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