5 Ways To Rock A Denim Jacket
5 Ways To Rock A Denim Jacket

Denim jackets don’t just help to wave off cold, they are very stylish piece of clothing that complements our dress sense and boosts our looks. Here are five ways to rock your denim jacket as a lady.

1. You may decide to wear denim jacket the normal way it’s worn with sneakers and a cap or hat to make you appear ‘on-the-go’.

2. You may decide to turn the jacket into a sleeveless top by wearing it without tucking your hands into the sleeves buttoning from down up and tying the sleeves into a bow.

3. You could turn it into an off-shoulder jacket as in this picture.

jean jacket

4. You could also drape it around your shoulders.

denim jacket

5. And finally, you could tie it around your waist thereby making your top more in view and adding more swag below.

denim jacket


Photography: @pensulphoneography

Designer: @riakosher

Model: @arc_mister_mmemie.white

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