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36 Chic Latest Nigerian Lace Styles You Should Wear Soon

Apart from Ankara, another fabric popular in Nigeria is lace. All about the internet are pictures of beautiful ladies donning the latest Nigerian lace styles.

And guess what.

If you haven’t yet rocked a hot attire made with this fabric, we want you to.

lady wearing short red hot lace dress

And that’s why we thought it wise to inspire you with these Nigerian lace styles.

Don’t close this page yet.

Keep scrolling.

Keep reading.

We promise that in a bit, you’ll be screenshotting the styles that catch your fancy to show your designer.

What is Lace Fabric?

lady wearing silver lace outfit

Lace is a patterned fabric that has a unique embroidered pattern with visible spaces in between the weaves. It is manufactured with machines and some intricate handiwork which involves looping, braiding or twisting a thread.

lady wearing blue lace jumpsuit

Moreover, it often comes in different colours and is made of different fabrics such as silk, cotton or rayon.

Lace fabrics are of different types. There’s the one used to make undies, home decor and the ones we use for Owambe.

Let’s take a look.

Types of Lace Fabric

lady in a long blue lace dress

1. Embroidered Lace

This type of lace has a floral design and a delicate embroidery on a mesh background.

2. Beaded Lace

This lace has beads, stones, sequins and other decoratives added to it.

3. Chantilly Lace

This lace has abundant details. Its floral designs are done on a net background with silk thread.

4. Bobbin Lace

This lace is manufactured by merging more than twelve threads into complex patterns.

5. Sheer Lace

This is a transparent lace. It has more holes and requires an additional fabric to be sewn underneath.

6. Corded Lace

Unlike other types of lace, this one is made with thicker threads and the design isn’t as detailed or complex as others.

Uses of Lace

lady wearing red lace outfit

This fabric is used to achieve different kinds of clothes, including;

  • bridal dresses.
  • lingerie and other underwear.
  • home decor such as tablecloths, pillowcases, blankets, lampshades, etc.

In the Nigerian fashion scene, it is used to achieve lace aso ebi styles.

Latest Nigerian Lace Styles

Rita Dominic in a white lace outfit

Do you have some yards of lace fabric? Are you thinking of what to make with it? Have you searched all over but haven’t found your taste? Then check out these Nigerian lace styles.

lady wearing red lace dress

They are perfect for any occasion you have in mind. They can as well make you stand out easily. Be they dresses or jumpsuits, these lace styles are good for you.

2 ladies in red lace jumpsuits

How to Rock the Latest Nigerian Lace Styles

smiling lady long silver lace dress

Rocking these styles is as simple as ABC. The first thing you need to do is to ensure the style you’re opting for flatters your body type.

lady rocking pink lace outfit

Once you do this, go ahead and hand over your fabric to a skillful tailor/seamstress. This is very important lest you should experience a case of “What I Ordered vs What I Got“.

smiling lady in a pink lace dress

When your tailor finishes with your attire, select your accessories not forgetting your hair too. Ensure your hairdo matches the neckline of your dress or vice-versa. This will further make you appear coordinated.

2 ladies in orange lace dresses laughing

Afterwards, decide on the shoes you’ll wear. Do you want stiletto, block heels, wedge or flats? Go for what will enhance your style and offer you comfort at the same time.

smiling lady wearing cream lace dress

And your bags too. Since some lace fabric glimmers with stones and beads, pair your dress with a minaudière. It’s a type of clutch bag for women without a handle or a strap. It has coloured gems, stones and pearls embossed around it.

smiling lady wearing pink lace outfit

You can pick a clutch bag whose colour matches with your attire. You can as well use the same colour of your fabric or a lighter or darker shade of it.

lady wearing blue lace dress with matching gele

Moreso, if the style you chose has standout details, keep your accessories mild. If not, go ahead and rock statement jewels or anything that can help you stand out and get some positive attention when you turn up.

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