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6 Handy Tips on How to Look Better as a Man

Every man loves to look good. It goes a long way in saying so much about you. And if you do know how to look better as a man, you’ll enjoy some of the benefits too.

Are you wondering what the benefits of knowing how to look better as a man are?

Stop wondering and keep reading. This post will tell you.

Why Look Better as a Man?

a stylish plus size man

We all know appearance does matter. Now picture yourself as a man who cares little or nothing about how he looks but goes to stand before dignitaries.

Do you think anyone would pay attention to you?

Perhaps, you may even get ushered out for being in the “wrong place”.

The reverse is the case when you know how to dress better as a man. Even you will be proud of yourself as anyone who comes across you will accord you respect.

You won’t be discarded when you open your mouth to speak. You’ll Instead command attention because of how you present yourself.

a man with well groomed hairs

Your friends and loved ones will be proud to have you in their midst because you won’t embarrass them with your looks at all.

And guess what.

Your woman will find you more attractive. This only means she’ll love you more if you both play your cards well.

So, now that you’ve learnt the benefits of knowing how to look good as a man, why don’t we check out the tips right away?

How to Look Better as a Man

Ikechukwu Kills style

1. Keep Your Hair Neat

man with a nice hair style

There are cool haircuts you can rock as a man. And if you want to grow your hair, you can as well opt for dreadlocks hairstyles or cornrows.

Whatever your choice is, make sure your hair is well-groomed and neat always. Comb it if need be; not forgetting to wash it and apply hair products too.

2. Pamper Your Skin

man with a glowing skin

Who said men don’t deserve to have a skincare routine? Your skin deserves to look good too. Go ahead and exfoliate weekly, moisturise your skin and cleanse too.

Don’t forget to wash your face two times every day — in the morning and at night.

3. Wear Good Clothes and Shoes

a man in nice clothings

You don’t have to wear designers before you appear suave as a man. All you need is a good dress sense and you are good to go.

You can shop your clothes and shoes from a vendor. Just make sure they are quality so they last longer. And remember you’ll have to play a role in the longevity of your clothes and accessories.

In other words, you need to care for your clothes so they last longer and look better.

4. Stay Fit

3 very fit men

If you have to exercise regularly or go on a diet to stay fit, go ahead and do it. Build those muscles. Tone the unnecessary fat. You need to look better as a man every day.

5. Develop Your Sense of Style

Ebuka in a stylish all brown outfit

Know what colours and types of wears work well for you. Play with them to achieve something unique. Pair with the accessories for men so you stand out some more.

There’s a way to look taller, fatter or slimmer even if you aren’t. You can do this with the clothes you wear. But first, you have to explore your personal style to come about it.

6.Have a Good Personal Hygiene

 What shall it profit a man who has a good dress sense but has body odour too? Nothing, of course. So, pay attention to your personal hygiene. Take your bath every day. Brush your teeth. Do those things your teacher in primary school taught you about hygiene.

Furthermore, shower when you sweat. Shave and groom your beards. And don’t forget to use deodorants too.

A fit man

Now that you know how to look better as a man, put the tips into practice. And get ready to command respect as the classic man that you are.

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