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44 Beautiful Ankara Styles for Christmas

Christmas is in the air. Don’t you smell it already? Just as we prepare to enjoy the yuletide and ride on to the new year, other celebrations like marriage ceremonies keep coming up. If you have Owambe occasions to turn up at this season, don’t opt for ready-made clothes alone. Make sure you wear the beautiful Ankara styles for Christmas too.

lady wearing jeans skirt mixed with ankara

Ankara never ever disappoints. This fabric can be made into different clothing that you can use to steal the show and announce your presence. You should do that this Christmas.

lady wearing ankara shorts with white top

You’ve spent the past eleven months working hard in order to secure the bag. It’s time to let off steam, you know.

lady wearing ankara short skirt

It’s time to go catch some fun, make the best memories and save them as pictures. But if you don’t dress well, your memories won’t be complete and your pictures won’t be cool. Hence, to help you enjoy yourself to the fullest at every occasion you show up at this season, we’ve curated a list of the best Ankara styles for Christmas.

lady wearing free ankara pants

Do go through them, save the ones you love so you can show to your tailor when next you call at her place.

Beautiful Ankara Styles for Christmas

lady wearing ankara jumpsuit

The following are the best Ankara styles for Christmas. If you don’t have them, ensure to do so ASAP so you can look all peng this Christmastide.

1. Ankara jumpsuit

lady wearing mixed ankara fabric jumpsuit

These Ankara styles for Christmas are very good options to achieve any type of outfit. They are perfect for flattering your body type by accentuating your curves and highlighting your shape.

lady wearing ankara jumpsuit with a hoodie
lady wearing a stylish ankara jumpsuit

Furthermore, depending on the volume of fashion statement you want to make, you can always have them made into different styles.

lady rocking a beautiful ankara jumpsuit

2. Ankara Short Gowns

lady wearing short ankara gown

Short dresses made with Ankara are usually hot and stylish. They make you look very much on the go. You can style your short dress with flats, sneakers, any heels, flip-flops, sandals, etc.,  depending on the look you want to achieve.

black lady rocking a yellow theme ankara short gown
lady wearing beautiful short ankara gown with black bag

In addition, you can wear them to church, to work as Ankara office wear, to weddings, or any casual outing. This makes them must-have pieces this Christmas season.

lady rocking ankara short gown with white sneakers

3. Ankara Long Gowns

lady wearing beautiful ankara long gow

Do you want to protect your lower body while retaining your style? Do you want to worry less about showing much skin?

beautiful lady wearing long ankara gown

Then try a long dress made with this fabric. 

lady wearing flowing ankara dress

Whether loose-fitting or tight-fitting, long dresses accentuate your feminine features well. Furthermore, since the Ankara fabric is usually multicolored, you can stand out with an Ankara long dress and make a fashion statement effortlessly.

smiling lady wearing a beautiful ankara long gown

4. Ankara Tops

smiling lady wearing ankara sleeveless top with a yellow bag

You can rock these with jeans, skirts, palazzo pants or shirts, depending on your choice. Your Ankara top can have any neckline of your choice. Be it bardot, strapless, V-neck, scoop, etc. These styles are beautiful and as well colourful. Furthermore, they are a great choice if you want to achieve a blend of ready-made and African prints.

lady wearing red shimi ankara top
smiling lady wearing peplum ankara top

To hide your belly, you can add features like peplum to them. This way you kill two birds with a stone. That is, you look beautiful while concealing little flaws.

lady wearing ankara full top

5. Ankara Suits

mother and daughter wearing matching ankara suits

If you want to look western in an African way, wear these Ankara styles for Christmas. They help you create that boss lady look without even trying hard.

lady rocking a cool ankara suit
lady wearing ankara suit

You can rock these suits to work, business meetings, weddings, cocktail parties, prom, church and any formal gathering.

lady rocking ankara suit to the office

6. Ankara Bottoms

attractive lady wearing super short ankara skirt

You can also sew a pair of shorts, pants or a skirt with your fabric this Christmas season. They could be tapered, pencil or flare too.

lady wearing ankara super flare pants
lady wearing ankara shorts

Moreover, these bottoms can be paired with any top of your choice be it crop, button-downs, button-ups or simple blouses.

lady wearing long ankara skirt with slit

7. Ankara Two-piece

Yemi Alade wearing a tiny top with a matching pants

You can sew a coordinated set with this fabric this Yuletide. It could be skirts, trousers or shorts and blouse. Two-piece outfits are usually uniform; little wonder they are otherwise known as coordinated sets.

lady wearing sleeveless ankara top and pants
lady wearing ankara two piece outfit

Their main benefit is that you can rock them as an ensemble or pair them with other tops and bottoms.

pretty lady wearing ankara top and pants

Voila! Did you find any of the Ankara styles for Christmas worth sewing? We hope you did. If you’ll like to see more styles, go through our latest ankara styles catalogue and feast your eyes.


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