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What to Know about Industrial Sewing Machines

The Nigerian fashion industry has grown to such an extent that every street in a particular location has at least a fashion designer. The competition now seems stiff as these dressmakers are bombarded with daily requests knowing full well that if they slack in their delivery, they lose a customer. In order not to fall short of expectations, fashion designers try to keep up with giving clients the beautiful styles of their choices, not forgetting neat finishing and timely delivery. What better way to meet up with the demands of the profession than to resort to using industrial sewing machines.

Industrial sewing machines, ever since their introduction to the Nigerian market, have made sewing much easier, faster and less stressful. They save a lot of time and even encourage whoever uses it to keep working as a result of its speed and efficiency. Fashion designers all over the industry have adopted industrial sewing machines in both bespoke and ready-to-wear branches of the business. They are of different prices, sizes, functionality, styles and quality. That withstanding, there is even another means of income from the success of these industrial sewing machines.  One does not necessarily have to be a fashion designer to gain from it. There are options like manufacturing and retailing the machines.

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Things to Consider When Getting an Industrial Sewing Machine

As stated earlier, industrial sewing machines are of different sizes, prices, functionality and quality. Many of them are highly effective, regardless of this, it is important to get one that suits your need and purpose.

Before going to shop for an industrial sewing machine, it is good you know that there are many available choices and models of industrial sewing machines out there. If you have never thought of doing some homework before going to shop for an industrial sewing machine, here are some things you should know about industrial sewing machines:

1. Functionality

Industrial sewing machines serve different purposes. It is easier to find the right industrial sewing machine when you know what you are buying it for. Industrial sewing machines have different sets of stitches that perform specific tasks. Many industrial sewing machines specialise in different functions. It’s best you know what need you want your industrial sewing machine to serve before setting out to buy it.

2. Brand

Which brand of industrial sewing machines are you familiar with? Which brand do you fancy? Which brand do you think suits your need? These are questions you should ponder on before setting out to buy an industrial sewing machine. It is similar to when you want to get a new phone. You find out the brand of phone you admire, the one your money can afford, the one you’re familiar with and the one that will satisfy your purpose of getting the phone. There are many brands of industrial sewing machines in the Nigerian market. While some of these brands are already known for quality and top-class machines, some are of low repute.  To be on a safe side, it is advisable to go for known and established brands.

3. Maintenance

Be sure to do a background check on the brand you intend purchasing. Are their spare parts easily available? Is the sewing machine generally easy to maintain? No matter how good a brand is, if the spare parts are difficult to find, it will pose a problem to the maintenance of the machine.

4. Easy Use

Irrespective of the fact that many industrial machines are easy to use, some are still a bit complicated and might require additional training to get used to. To save you stress, you should consider industrial sewing machines that are easy to use.

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Prices of Industrial Sewing Machines in Nigeria as at 2019

There are various industrial sewing machines in the Nigerian market. While some are expensive, others are relatively affordable. Some people resort to getting a fairly used machine especially if they cannot afford a brand new one. But your best bet is getting a brand new one as it makes you rest assured that you wouldn’t be facing any hitches with it anytime soon. It also establishes an ease in the operations of the machine. Another benefit of getting a brand new industrial sewing machine is that most of the manufacturers offer warrantee on the products which makes it easy for you to return whenever issues come up with the machine.

According to Nigerianprice, below are the prices of some industrial sewing machines in Nigeria:

Sumo Premium Industrial Straight Machine === ₦75,000 – ₦80,000

Emel Industrial Straight Sewing Machine === ₦85,000 – ₦90,000

Two Lion Industrial Straight Sewing Machine === ₦75,000 – ₦80,000

Hudong Industrial Straight Sewing Machine === ₦80,000 – ₦85,000

Brother Industrial Straight Sewing Machine === ₦80,000 – ₦100,000

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You can get these sewing machines via e-commerce sites like Konga or Jumia. You can as well shop from dealers of sewing machines in Nigeria by visiting large clothing markets.

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