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6 Simple Ways to Rock Ankara With Sneakers

I remember some years ago when this stylish friend of mine paired an Ankara dress with sneakers. Then the trend hadn’t become a fad but she was the type who loved to explore and that was how she knew different ways to rock Ankara with sneakers.

As expected, some self-acclaimed fashion police were quick to raise an accusing finger. They were of the opinion that what she wore was absurd and she had broken a rule in fashion. Which rule? I asked and I was told it wasn’t right to pair native wears with sneakers.

Oh wow! Who set the rules? I asked again and I was told it’s a common rule.

Never pair your Ankara outfits with sneakers or canvas, they repeated.

Fast forward to this day, you and I know those fashion police were really far from being right. Nobody sees the combo as absurd anymore. In fact, it has been accepted as a normal trend and people won’t raise eyebrows if you choose to pull of this look. This is because sneakers has evolved from being worn as a sport wear to being paired with anything in this life, including suits. Why then can’t it be paired with Ankara outfits?

No reason!

If you’ve always been a lover of the sneakers trend and you are reluctant to explore it with your African prints simply because you don’t know how to, keep calm and sit tight as we show you simple ways to Rock Ankara with sneakers.

These ways require little or no effort from you to look stylish. And they as well offer you comfort and style at the same time.

Enough of dress shoes, sandals and slippers anytime you wear Ankara. Step out of your comfort zone and try out these effortless ways on how to rock Ankara with sneakers.

How to Rock Ankara with Sneakers

Adegule Gold in an up and down ankara outfit with white sneakers

Pairing your Ankara outfits with sneakers helps you achieve a great casual look while remaining chic and suave. It is a very impressive style combination and is worth trying.

However, if you don’t know how to rock Ankara with sneakers perfectly like a style pro, stay glued to your screen as we show you the effortless ways below:

1. Rock Your Ankara Bottoms with Sneakers

ankara short skirt with white sneakers

You can just wear a pair of shorts, trousers or a skirt made with African prints and pair with a black, white or any colour of top. Then finish up the look by wearing sneakers. The result is an on-the-go casual attire.

2. Pair Your Sneakers with Ankara Suits

lady in ankara suit with sneakers

As the sneakers with suit trend is on the rise, you also can have a taste of it by wearing Ankara suits, jackets, kimonos with sneakers. This is a complete shift from the ideal formal way of dressing and it can help you achieve a smart casual look.

3. Rock Your Jumpsuits with Sneakers

lady wearing ankara jumpsuit with blue sneakers

If you’ve seen the latest Ankara jumpsuits styles, you can be sure they aren’t boring at all. And while you may choose to rock them with heels some days, you can also rock them with sneakers to show versatility. At least, that’s what this particular fabric is known for.

lady on ankara jumpsuit and sneakers

4. Pair Sneakers with Rompers

lady in playsuit ankara on white sneakers

Playsuits are flirty yet fun to wear. On days you want to look smart while retaining your sexy look, pair with sneakers.

5. Sneakers and Short Gowns

lady in short ankara gown with white sneakers

Wearing sneakers with Ankara short dresses is another look you should try out if you haven’t already. It’s lovely, stylish and great. Also, the dresses can be loose-fitting, flare or tight-fitting. Whichever one you go for will still come out great with the combo.

6. Don Your Sneakers with Any Ankara Top

lady in ankara top with sneakers

This include shirts, jackets, sweatshirts or even kimono made with this fabric. You can opt for jeans bottoms as you pair with sneakers.

In conclusion, when pairing your Ankara outfits with sneakers, ensure the sneakers are plain coloured. This is because the Ankara fabric usually has many colours and patterns. Wearing a multicolored pair of shoes only adds noise, rather than volume, to your outfit.

Therefore, you should go for black or white sneakers to be on the safe side. But if you choose to don another colour of sport shoes, ensure it’s plain coloured and it matches one of the colours of your outfit. Do this and presto! You’re a pro on how to rock Ankara with sneakers.

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