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10 Super Chic Ways to Rock Rick Owens Boots

If you’re looking to instantly elevate your outfits to an eccentric aesthetic, wearing Rick Owens boots is one way to go about it. 

Picture showing a guy rocking the rick owens boots

But getting the boots isn’t a problem. Anyone who can afford them can buy a pair and wear them. Styling them with the right outfit is the bone of contention here. And the reason isn’t far-fetched: these boots are unconventional; a little slip, and you’ll make a faux pas or look like an eyesore without even realizing it.

The solution is to follow tips that help you create mindblowing outfits with these boots. Thankfully, that’s what this article promises you. So, if you want to unleash your inner Wisdom Kaye with some badass designer footwear, keep reading as we dive in.

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A Sneak Peek into the Rick Owens Brand 

Full picture of  a guy rocking the rick owens boot

This eponymous fashion label was founded in 1994 by American fashion designer Richard Saturnino Owens. The Los Angeles-based brand has become one of the most sought-after houses for unconventional designs. The company offers collections in menswear, womenswear, leather goods, accessories, and its signature boots.

Rick Owens has always stood out for its unique creations. The company has consistently created designs different from those of other luxury fashion brands. They are known for their avant-garde, dark, and edgy style that appeals to cool fashionistas.

People often use names like proto-punk to describe Rick Owen’s distinct style. Another reason people celebrate the brand is that, like other quiet luxury brands, it doesn’t need logos or monograms to sell its products. To cap it all, different brands even copy a thing or two from them. The New York Times shares these sentiments by referring to Rick Owens as “fashion’s most imitated designer.”

Their iconic boots have particularly been influential in shaping style trends today, as rocking them unlocks new levels of unconventional fashion. 

Are Rick Owens Boots Expensive?

Picture of a girl on the streets rocking a monochromatic black outfit with the iconic footwear

Yes, they are, and for a good reason. The brand prides itself on using high-quality materials to create its pieces. Besides, good leather doesn’t come cheap, and Rick Owens uses quality leather. This contributes to the high cost of their products, which are often worth the price. But as the saying goes, if it’s worth it, put your money on it.

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Are Rick Owens Boots for all Genders?

Picture showing a guy posing  with the stylish footwear

Yes, the boots are not limited to one gender. They come in stylish sets for all genders. Even the ones with heels are androgynous; anyone can wear them regardless of gender.

How to Style Rick Owens Boots Like a Fashionista

Picture showing a guy rocking a short dress with the footwear

Just got a pair of Rick Owens boots and need help with how to style them? Not to worry. Use these tips to start creating mind-blowing outfits with your footwear.

Go Monochromatic

A mirror selfie of a guy rocking the rick owens boot

Rick Owens is all about the sleek, tonal dressing. Pair the boots with monochrome shades like black, grey, olive, or oxblood. The solid colors allow the shape of the shoes to pop.

Mix Textures

Picture showing a guy rocking faux fur with the stylish boots

While keeping your color tone understated, give people more deets to stare at by mixing different fabrics and textures to create more visual interest. You can do a mixture of leather, knits, silk, or faux fur in one look for that perfect contrast.

Distress it

Picture showing a model on a runway rocking a distressed denim with the boots

Pair the boots with shredded knitwear, washed leather, or denim with fraying and tears for a grungier, worn-out feel.

Think Coats

Mirror selfie of a guy rocking coats with the Rick Owens boots

Don’t know what to wear? Throw on coats. Layering with coats takes your outfit up a notch and adds more visual interest to your look.

Accessorize Minimally

Picture showing a guy accessorizing his outfit with a small body crossbody bags

Since the boots are a statement piece, keep additional accessories to a minimum. Consider jewelry, belts, or small crossbody bags to complement your shoes without stealing attention.

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Short Dresses Do the Magic

Picture of a guy rocking a short dress with the Rick Owens boots

Get your hands on beautiful short dresses and pair them with your designer boots. The dress allows the boot to be the star and accentuates your curves. Also, the contrast with the chunky boots gives it all shades of sexy.

Add an Unexpected Pop

Picture showing a guy stylishly lounging in a chair with his Rick owens boots

While sticking to a darker tone is cool, consider adding an unexpected pop of color through a shirt, coat, bag, or other accessory. It makes you stand out without being too gothic.

Layer Your Outfits

Picture showing two guys with layered outfits  paired with the Rick Owens

Layering your outfits is a fashion hack that comes through when you have no other option. It’s one hack that helps you restyle your previously worn outfits without actually looking like you repeat them.

Skirts With Slits

Picture showing a lady rocking a slit long denim skirt , leather crop top and Rick Owens boots

What better way to showcase your hot boots than with a slit skirt? If you have a long denim skirt, the time to put it to use is now. Pair it with a chic crop top or shirt, and look pretty and badass at the same time.

Let Your Boots Be the Hero

Picture showing a rocking short skirt and  letting her Rick Owens shine

The Rick Owens boot is not the footwear you want to hide. So, skip the maxi outfits and wear higher hemlines like shorts, mini skirts, short dresses, etc. They flaunt your legs, highlight the boots, and make your lower body the point of focal attention.

Rick Owens Boots: A Unique Aesthetic for Fashionistas

Full picture of the stylish boots in view

In the fashion world, few items have reached the status of Rick Owens’s boot. With its exaggerated shape and unique design, these chunky boots demand an equally bold styling approach from fashionistas.

The tips here highlight how to truly embrace the aesthetic when wearing this legendary footwear. These aren’t shoes for shy or unadventurous people. So, when you get them, get ready to explore and make a style major statement.

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