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Short Hair With Bangs: 31 Cute Ideas You Should Recreate

Are you tired of the same old hairstyles and crave a fresh, modern look that exudes confidence and style? If so, buckle up because we’re about to dive into the world of short hair with bangs, a trend taking the beauty industry by storm. 

Short hair with bangs is more than just a hairstyle; it’s a bold statement hairdo. Whether you want that big chop or seek a low-maintenance yet chic look, this versatile style has something to offer everyone.

Picture of a lady wearing the  Short Hair With Bangs style

In this post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of rocking short hair with bangs, from the hottest celebrity inspirations to expert tips on finding the perfect cut and styling techniques. Oh! And that’s not all. We’ll also share cute inspos of the gorgeous hairdo to get you started on that long-overdue salon appointment. 

Celebrity Short Hair With Bangs Inspirations

Picture of Charlize Theron looking dapper with her bowl cut

At the forefront of the short hair with bangs are iconic celebrities who have masterfully pulled off these styles with effortless cool. From Audrey Hepburn’s pixie cut to Zendaya’s modern, edgy crops, these famous trendsetters have proven this is anything but a fleeting fad.

Did we forget to mention Charlize Theron’s bowl cut? With its blunt, angular bangs and closely cropped sides, this daring style commands attention. For the daring, it’s an empowering way to channel your inner badass.

And if you want a softer vibe, look no further than Margot Robbie’s romantic pixie cut with face-framing fringe. Feminine short layers perfectly complemented by wispy bangs strike an exquisite balance between sweet and edgy.

But perhaps no one rocks short hair with bangs quite like Zoe Kravitz. The actress/model constantly switches it up with everything from sleek asymmetrical bangs to choppy, piecey fringe in her signature cool girl style.

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How to Style Short Hair With Bangs 

Picture of a lady rocking her Short Hair With Bangs

Just like long hair with bangs, proper cut and color aren’t the only considerations; the right products are vital, too. Thankfully, today’s hairstyling techniques allow you to enhance, texturize, and rework your short hairdo effortlessly.

Prepping with a volumizing tonic creates gorgeous piecey waves, while a smoothing cream with a brush makes the bangs perfectly polished. With the proper tools and know-how, the options are limitless.

So, if you’re coveting the short, chic styles of celebs, take action. Research, find a talented stylist, and book that appointment for that total short hair confidence. With versatile styling options, short hair with bangs is a trend here to slay. But before you jump at it, here’s a crucial question to consider:

Do Bangs Fit All Face Shapes?

Picture of a lady rocking the iconic tousled short hair

No, bangs don’t necessarily fit all face shapes. While fringe can look good on any face shape, certain faces tend to be more or less flattering, depending on your specific facial features and proportions. 

Here are general guidelines on the bangs that work best for different face shapes:

Round Face

Picture of a round faced girl  rocking her short hair

To help slim and lengthen a round face, go for long side-swept bangs or long layers around the face. Blunt, straight-across bangs will accentuate the roundness of your face.

Square Face

Picture of a girl with square face rocking the hairstyle

Softer, face-framing bangs that hit around the cheekbones and longer curtain bangs help balance and soften a square jawline. Blunt, heavy bangs may appear too harsh for this face shape.

Oval Face

Picture of a girl with oval face rocking  her short hair

Oval faces generally pull off most fringe styles well, including blunt, side-swept, or shorter flirty fringe. Just avoid anything too severe or heavy.

Heart-Shaped Face

Picture of a girl with a heart shaped face wearing her short hairdo

Wispy, arched bangs or mid-length side bangs that hit around the cheekbones flatter a heart face by drawing attention to the eyes. Heavy straight-across bangs may accentuate a wider forehead.

Oblong Face

Picture of a girl with oblong face wearing her  blunt bob with bangs

Shorter straight or side-swept bangs add width and volume to balance a longer face shape. Elongated bangs that hit below the jaw further lengthen the face.

10 Stylish Short Hair With Bangs for You to Try

Picture of a girl rocking a really short bob

Here’s a look at the cutest short hairstyles with bangs we’ve rounded up for you:

Soft Bob with a Feathery Fringe 

Picture of a girl wearing a Soft Bob with a Feathery Fringe 

This gorgeous classic suits thin hair of any hair color. It’s beautiful and gives off that girly vibe with its tousled texture.

Blunt Bob with Bangs

Picture of a girl rocking a blond Blunt Bob with Bangs

The gorgeous blunt bob with bangs works, too. If you want something cute without grazing your neck. go for this look. It gives a youthful vibe, making a subtle statement with its sharp edges.

Bob With Ombré Bangs

Picture of a girl rocking her Bob With Ombré Bangs

The ombre hairdo with a gradient effect is a statement look for days. Instead of coloring your entire hair ombre, highlight only the fringe. It’s a chic style that exudes class and elegance in all settings.

Curtain Bangs with Short Hair

Picture of a girl rocking her Curtain Bangs with Short Hair

This sassy short hairstyle is simple and chic. Plus, it’s the perfect solution for women with thin or receding hairline. 

Bowl Cut with Straight Bangs

Picture of a girl wearing the Bowl Cut with Straight Bangs

Take it back to the ‘60s with this vintage-inspired bowl cut. It features a curved shape and blunt baby bangs on the brow bone.

Wavy Bob with Wispy Bangs

Picture of a girl rocking her Wavy Bob with Wispy Bangs

To achieve an effortlessly chic everyday look for your short hair with bangs, use your curling iron or wand to create that soft, tousled look on both sides of your face.

Messy Short Hair with Bangs

Picture of a girl wearing her Messy Short Hair with Bangs

This razor-cut mullet hairstyle achieves a lightweight, texturized effect through strategic cutting that removes the bulk of your mane. Take the look up a notch by applying a curl cream. This helps to add gorgeous movement and body to your hair.

Off-Center Bangs on Short Hair

Picture of a girl wearing her Off-Center Bangs on Short Hair

The tousled blonde bob showcases the versatility of layered bangs. It shows how you can easily transition from one look to another. Instead of wearing the bangs straight on your forehead, you part and sweep them to the side, creating an undone look that complements the textured layers of the bob cut.

Shag With Thick Bangs

Picture of Ciara wearing a Shag With Thick Bangs

Ciara’s shag haircut with thick, full bangs exude an effortlessly cool and edgy vibe. The key to nailing this look is achieving the perfect textured finish. And with a high-quality texturizing spray to help boost thickness throughout the cut, your shag is guaranteed to be an Instagram hit.

Soft Undercut

Side view of a lady wearing  her Soft Undercut

A soft bob with bangs is a match made in heaven. This flattering cut is perfect for thick, wavy, or straight hair. During the cut, your stylist will style your hair to give it shape and movement. It’s a gorgeous hairstyle that accentuates and flatters your facial features.

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Short Hair With Bangs is a Stunning Look for Everyone 

Picture of a girl wearing the iconic shag haircut

Short hair with bangs is a versatile, stylish look that can flatter different face shapes and personal styles. With so many variations, from edgy pixie cuts to sleek bobs, there is a look to suit everyone. Also, the right cut with proper styling products creates a chic and low-maintenance look.

While short hair with bangs allows you to make a bold fashion statement, it’s also perfect for any setting. So, if you’re ready for a fresh change, don’t hesitate to take the plunge. With your stylist’s guidance, you can rock this modern, head-turning style confidently. Here are more styles to inspire you:

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