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14 Effortlessly Chic Ways to Style Denim Maxi Skirts

From the stables of 90s fashion with a touch of the early 2000s, the denim maxi skirt is making its style rounds again. This is one of the mega fashion trends that rocked 2023. It’s a chic alternative to the micro-mini skirt rave of 2022 that has been popping up on runways and street style.

a lady rocking denim maxi skirt with a front slit

The comeback of this 90s trend was inevitable. With celebrities like Camila Mendes sporting long denim skirts, you can only imagine how long it would take before it became a trend. Now, long denim skirts are in stores everywhere, perfect for both cold and warm weather. Feel free to cop yours from a reputable clothing site, thrift store, or any retailer. But if you’re less concerned about where to shop and more interested in styling long denim skirts, that’s not a problem. 

Fashion enthusiasts all over the world have been donning this piece for years, giving more meaning to its versatility. Ahead, we rounded up the best denim maxi skirt outfits to tickle your style buds. Stay put, and be sure to save and recreate them when you’re ready.

The Retro Appeal of Denim Maxi Skirts

a denim maxi skirt Burberry's SS23 collection

Perhaps, Libby Page, Market Director for Net-a-Porter, saw it coming when she predicted to Harpers Bazaar that denim maxi skirts were the next big thing for 2023. And that was what happened. From the catwalks to the streets, these long skirts ruled the day. It wasn’t surprising when Vogue crowned the denim midiskirt as one of spring’s most wanted It items

A thick lady showing us how to pull off denim skirts with a turtleneck

Designers sure had their fill with these skirts. For instance, Butberry’s SS23 collection featured both mini and supersized denim skirts with ribcage-high waistbands and floor-sweeping handkerchief hemlines. Similarly, MM6 Maison Margiela stunned its audience with distressed ankle-grazing denim with waterfall folds around the ankles.

black cargo denim skirt and a multicolored rain jacket

This goes to show the endless creativity that lies in these skirts, Though denim gives off a casual vibe, these maxi skirts can be dressed up or down to create classy, sexy, and mind-blowing outfits. And if you don’t want them in dramatic runway forms, you can go for other styles ranging from straight to  A-line, low-rise, dramatic seams, floor-length, ankle-length, slit, layered, midi, etc.

The denim maxi skirt is an epic antidote to a great pair of jeans or a mini skirt. But this time, it’s airier, larger, and edgier–we’re talking maxi, remember?

How to Style Denim Maxi Skirt

a lady hanging a sweater around her neck with a white tank top on

Putting together a timeless long denim skirt outfit may seem hard but can be a walk in the park. And no, you don’t need to shop from the most expensive brands before you look peng in them. All you need is to work with your silhouette and have a bank of inspiration to guide you. 

Speaking of inspos, check these out:

Pair Your Denim Maxi Skirt with a Cute Top

lady wearing a beautiful cargo denim maxi skirt with a white cropped tank top

Any top goes well with this skirt but the best of them are:

Tank Top

a lady donning a tank top with a jean outfit

This top flaunts your arm. They’re small and the perfect combo for a maxi skirt. Wear this in solid colors if you’d like the attention to be on your skirt.

Dress Shirt

white shirt and denim maxi skirt outfit

A button-up or button-down shirt is an excellent add-on to your long skirt. Go for this in white or any color if you aim to create a smart casual wardrobe.

Crop Top

a lady wearing a chic outfit with a yellow crop top

Since most of your lower body will be covered, how about you tease admirers with a bit of your upper body? For this, pair a high-rise denim maxi skirt with a cute crop top and turn heads.

Corset Top

a sexy lady looking beautiful in a jean corset top and two-toned blue-wash jean skirt

Need a top that’ll cinch your waist so your lower body flares out in your skirt? A corset top is your go-to. 


a lady looking cute in herr white tee and jean skirt outfit

You can never go wrong with a tee. Whether solid-colored, striped, or graphics, your denim skirt will be gorgeous when you pair it with a tee.

Sweater or Cardigan

long jeans skirt and a sweater

You can also don a sweater with this skirt. They’re perfect for frigid climates and help you look stylish while staying warm. 

Add Some layering

a lady taking a photo in her jeans outfit layered with a blazer

Think faux fur coats, bomber jackets, leather jackets, blazers, etc. You can even combine two or more outerwear, depending on how cold it is, to offer more textures. 

Denim on Denim

pretty lady wearing a denim corset top with a long jean skirt

A classic way to rock this trend is to coordinate your outfit. So pull out that denim jacket in your wardrobe and pair it with your maxi skirt.

Pair it with Good Shoes

denim maxi skirt with high slit

Thankfully, any shoes for women pair well with these skirts. But if you’re looking to make a statement with your outfit, wear any of these shoes in bold or any color you feel comfortable in:


pretty model looking cute in a long jean skirt and stiletto boots

Whether thigh-thigh, knee-high, or ankle-length boots, your long denim skirt will go from basic to fun, if you wear boots.


a lady wearing denim maxi skirt with a bulky red sweater, pink shoes, and pink sunglasses

These pointy heels add more confidence to your strut. Rock them as pumps, open-toes, or sling-backs to give your skirt that Instagram-worth facelift.


a lady rocking her denim maxi skirt with a cream-colored shirt and white block heels

Don’t want to balance your weight on stilettos? Go for platforms or block heels then. They offer balance while still exuding style.


a plus-sized lady looking peng in her denim maxi skirt outfit

What’s a casual fit without sneakers? This footwear keeps you on the go. Start with white sneakers if you’re confused about what colors to wear. But if you want more options, feel free to explore other colors like Nike dunks, pink Converse, etc.


denim maxi skirt outfit with crocs

What’s the extra-casual fit without Crocs? These trendy foam clogs ooze comfort. And you can pair them with anything including your long jean skirts. 

Accessorize Like Never Before

pretty lady donned in a long jeans skirt outfit with a tank top

Your outfit is never complete without accessories. So grab on your sunshades, earrings, rings, bracelets, handbag, etc. And don’t forget to wear a charming perfume that keeps heads turning when you pass by.

Slay the Maxi Way with a Long Denim Skirt

a lady rocking a denim jacket on denim a maxi skirt

Denim maxi skirts are officially back in style, and we honestly can’t get enough of the trend. You too can jump on it so long as you keep these tips at the back of your mind. But don’t limit yourself to all you’ve learned here. Be on the lookout for more inspiration. For instance, you can save photos of your favorite influencers in this skirt. And be sure to imitate them when the time comes.

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