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10 Thigh-High Boot Outfits You Should Recreate ASAP

Staying warm and stylish is a no-brainer. You just have to incorporate chic pieces into your wardrobe and wear them with confidence. Thigh-high boots are one of those chic wardrobe staples. Among the different styles of boots, they are one of the most provocative. 

girl wearing thigh-high boots with bumshorts

They can immediately transform your look from plain to spectacular. Now, if you think only influencers and celebrities can pull them off, you’re wrong. Anyone can wear these boots so long you know how to style them. But if you won’t take my word for it, in this guide, you’ll find different outfit ideas that prove how easy it is to rock these boots even if you’ve never donned them before.

What’s Special About Thigh-High Boots?

lady wearing denim thigh-high boots with a matching denim jacket

Otherwise known as over-the-knee boots or cuissardes, these are long boots that partly or fully cover the knees. Back in the 15th century, they served as riding boots for men but later evolved to be women’s footwear around the 1960s. 

Victria Willie donning over-the-knee bots

Nowadays, these boots are a must-have for that It Girl look. They’re made from various materials ranging from leather to wool, faux fur, denim, etc. Besides style purposes, thigh-high boots also serve as protection for the legs just like knee-high boots

Hollywood star donning blazers with a pair of leopard print thigh-high boots

For instance, they’re great work boots for fishing or other jobs that require you to protect your legs. Furthermore, these shoes are ideal for cold climates. They cover more than half your leg and keep you warm during frigid temperatures.

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How to Style Thigh-High Boots for a Sensational Look

lady wearing red OTK boots with leather shorts and fishnet pantyhose

Would you like to fight cold without sacrificing style? Rock these shoes. You can keep your look casual with a flat-heeled OTK boot or boost your style further with block or stiletto heels.  And if you’re not sure what to wear with them, here are outfit ideas to kickstart your thigh-high boots journey:

Wear it Over Your Jeans

lady pairing her OTK footwear with jeans

You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans, not even when you rock it with a pair of boots that rise to your thighs. So, give this classic denim look a shot and combine it with a nice top from tees to sweaters, shirts, and what have you.

Create a Monochrome Look

lady rocking an all-black thigh-high boots outfit

If you’re a lover of minimalist fashion, this one is for you. A monochromatic ensemble works with one color shade. It’s perfect if you don’t wanna get worked up about what colors to match with your boots. For instance, you can create an all-black or white ensemble or take things up a notch by wearing a monochromatic bold look such as all-red, all-pink, blue, etc.

In Lieu of Pants

pretty lady donning OTK footwear with blazers

If you shop right, your over-the-knee boots will fit just right. This makes them such a fashion standout that can pass for pants when paired with long tops, blazers, jackets, or short dresses. In other words, with their coverage, they make pants needless. 

Some More Layering

lady in a long lemon  coat paired with mesh thigh-high boots

These photos also come in handy when you’re donning layers of outerwear to shield yourself from the cold. So think coats, sweaters, blazers, and thick clothing.

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Go for a Bold Look

a celebrity wearing leopard skin over-the-knee footwear with a turtle neck and jeans

Thigh-highs are dramatic shoes, so why not make a statement with them? You can either go bold with all the components of your outfit or opt for neutral-colored clothes so your boots add a pop of color, thus remaining the focus.

Thigh-High Boots with an Oversized Hoodie

oversized hoodie thigh-high boots outfit

This is one streetwear style you don’t wanna miss out on. Oversized hoodies when paired with OTK boots create an eye-candy look that oozes urban sophistication.

A Pair of Leggings/Pantyhose Underneath

over-the-knee boots outfit with panty hose and shorts

Leggings and pantyhose are another stylish way to stay warm when wearing something skimpy. They also add more definitions to your look. But this doesn’t mean you can’t try out some double authentication by pairing them with full-coverage shoes like over-the-knee boots.

Midi Skirt/Dress

over-the-knee boots outfit with a midi dress

For more effects when trying out this option, go for the ones with slits so you give a sneak peek of your thighs while strutting.

Mini Skirts/Dresses with Thigh-High Boots

over-the-knee shoes paired with a mini dress

What better way to rock these shoes than with a skirt or dress that flaunts your thighs? But guess what, with OTK boots, you need not worry about showing too much skin because more than half of your legs would be hidden in ‘em boots, giving you a cozy fit.

Shorts with Thigh-High Boots

white over-the-knee footwear paired with shorts

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without shorts. And guess what? They complete these boots too. But if you’ll be donning shorts, do so during summer or when the weather isn’t cold. Or better still, add a long coat or any outerwear to your ensemble so you don’t sacrifice warmth while exuding style.

blazer and thigh-high boots without pants

In conclusion, over-the-knee boots are versatile footwear. They suit just any outfit and occasion. So, don’t think they’re only for a fun time at the club or fashion shows. Feel free to don them to the office so long as the climate supports it, and be ready to create dashing outfits that take your fashion game to an iconic level.

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