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24 Cute Braids For Men To Try in 2024

The resurgence of braids for men signifies a shift in societal perceptions of masculinity and beauty standards. I’ve always admired men who keep their hair and wear braids. They have this cute aura and their braids have a way of elevating their appearance or giving them that edge. 

Braids For Men: Picture of a guy rocking stylish braids for men

You’ll agree with me that the defiant nature of not conforming to societal stereotypes about what men’s appearance should be makes these guys too hot to handle. Thankfully, more men are embracing diverse hairstyles, pairing their braids with stylish haircuts like the undercut, low taper fade, and others. So if you are in this category and are looking to switch up your look, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll find cool braid ideas you can rock in the new year.

Historical Significance of Men’s Braids

Braids For Men: Picture of a guy rocking a stylish look

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Braids weren’t just about looking slick as a guy; they’ve always been a staple in history. Back in the day, different cultures rocked braids for all sorts of reasons ranging from status symbols to cultural heritage.

Fast forward to today, braids are making a serious comeback. Men are experimenting with various braid styles from classic cornrows to badass box braids and even some French braids. It’s all about taking some old-school vibes and making them your own.

10 Braids for Men to Try this Season

Braids For Men: Picture of a guy rocking gorgeous braids with a well groomed beard

Here are some of the coolest braids around the block that you might wanna consider:

Long Box Braids in a Ponytail

Picture showing a guy rocking long braids

If you’ve been growing out your hair, long box braids may be the perfect option for you. This hairstyle is a protective style that protects your hard-earned hair and keeps you from snags. 

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Cornrows Designs For Men

Picture of a guy rocking a nice cornrow

Cornrows are one of the most popular styles that transform your appearance while exuding a sophisticated and classy vibe. And if you are lucky enough to meet a talented stylist who includes some stylish patterns, it’s a guarantee you will stand out.

Box Braids For Men

Braids For Men: Picture showing a guy rocking the box braids

Apart from cornrows, another hairstyle that seems to be taking the men’s world by storm is the box braids. We’ve seen rappers like Travis Scott and ASAP Rocky make this style their signature look. Go for this look if you’re looking to unleash your inner badass.

Zig-Zag Braids for Men

Picture showing a guy rocking the zig zag braids

One of the interesting things about braid styles for men is that you can experiment with any kind of hairstyle design you want. Your stylist can get creative with your parting, or you can customize the braid into any shape of your choice.

Braids with Undercut

Picture showing a guy rocking braids with an iundercut

As said earlier, you can pair your braids with other stylish haircuts like the undercuts. For instance, if you try a shaved undercut with cool cornrows, you’re sure to look like a hot boy from the block. Moreso, the sleek sides of the undercut combined with the hair on top make the perfect contrast.

Spider Braids with Man Bun

Picture of a guy rocking the spider braids

Ever heard of the spider braids with a man bun? It’s a fresh and attractive way to play around with your long hair on top. This hairstyle will show off your incredible sense of style at its best, and bring your man bun look into a new light.

Cornrows with an Afro Puff

Braids For Men: Picture showing a guy rocking some cornrows with the afro puff

Rocking cornrows with an afro puff is one of the ways you can protect your natural hair while wearing it stylishly. With proper care, your braids can last three to four weeks. Still, it’s ideal to visit your barber every two to four weeks to keep the lines looking faded and fresh.

Braided Extensions for Men

Picture showing a guy rocking braided extensions

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you can’t hop on the braids-for-men trend. So, use extensions to bring your visions to life. You may want to spice it up by combining different colors for a highlight effect.

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Single Braids

Picture showing a guy rocking the single braids

Single braids bear a close resemblance to a popular style of Viking braids. You can ask your stylist to place a single braid around the edge of your head. It adds a  contrast to the faded sides.

Dutch Braids with Taper Fade

Picture showing a guy rocking the dutch taper fade look

Perfect for thick or fine hair, these Dutch braids give the illusion of thick hair. These kinds of braids for men look sharp when you style them with a taper fade. Just make sure you keep it neat for that fresh and casual effect.

Braids for Men: A Lasting Trend For All Seasons 

Picture showing a guy rocking a stylish braid

Braids for men aren’t just a trend but a statement. They’re all about showing off your style while elevating your appearance. So, whether you’re sporting a simple braid or rocking cool cornrow patterns, remember – you’re not just styling, you’re letting the world know what suits your taste.

So, get ready to embrace the braid game. Remember, it’s not just about looking good but also about feeling good and letting your hair do the talking. There’s no better time than now to braid up and show the world your style. But if you need more ideas to inspire your next trip to the salon, here you go:

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