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AdireLounge Unveils New Collection Tagged ‘Aro Ewa’

Adirelounge, a Nigerian textile brand has released a new collection tagged Aro Ewa which when translated means “Dyed Beauty”. The collection was designed in collaboration with DenikeHenri Uduku and Busayo Longe.

The Brand, in a statement following the release, has this to say about the collection:

“The collection is borne out of the belief that being ancient in spirit, yet modern in expression is the perfect scenario to remain consistent and relevant in our ever-changing world of sustainable fashion.

Aro Ewa simply translated as ‘Dyed Beauty’ is the recreation of contemporary patterns; employing old age historical techniques, coupled with the rich indigo dye, reminiscent of African indigenous designs, in order to celebrate our old Adire heritage.

At the heart of the collection, ensuring sustainability of the fashion value chain is paramount; from farmer to designer, the use of cotton fabric grown and milled in Nigeria, and our collaboration with other creatives in the industry like Denike online, Henri Uduku and Busayo Longe attests to our commitment to showcasing our brand ethos of ‘Made in Nigeria’.

By this, we believe our existence as an indigenous premium brand would contribute greatly in reviving the local manufacturing sector; modernizing the art of textile design, while inspiring more people to embrace original African fashion that have history and art-infused within them as wearable pieces.”

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Scroll down to view the lookbook.

Aro Ewa
Aro Ewa
Aro Ewa
Aro Ewa
Aro Ewa
Aro Ewa
Aro Ewa
akin faminu rocking Aro Ewa

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Designers: @henriuduku, @denikeonline
Photography: @iamlinguini
Models: @nikkiandtees, @akinfaminu
Makeup: @fisolami_

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