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36 Gele Styles to Spice up Your Asoebi Outfits

Got a wedding to attend? Have you gotten your asoebi? Great! Any plans to rock a gele? If yes, you need to see the best gele styles in this article. 

These days, it’s become a trend for Nigerian women to add a gele to their lace asoebi look. And this trend didn’t start today. We have the Yoruba women of Nigeria to thank for that. It was (and still is) their number one add-on for iro and buba and aso-oke.

When I was a kid, I remember my mom had a gele for almost all her native outfits, especially the ones made with lace, george, brocade, or ankara. And anytime she donned iro and buba, she added a gele to complete the look as a Yoruba woman would.

Even though styles have evolved over the years, one thing remains: African women aren’t dumping this headwear anytime soon. And to prove this, take a trip to Pinterest or Instagram. You’ll see pictures of brides and their friends posing while rocking beautiful gele styles.

If you have a traditional social event coming up, you shouldn’t be an exception. So, let’s see these gele styles that’ll ensure you steal the show in any wedding even if you’re not the bride.

But first, why should you even don this headgear? It’s not compulsory, is it? So, why?

Let’s find out together.

What Does Gele Mean to the Stylish African Woman?

beautiful woman wearing cream gele

As you already know, gele is a stylish headgear that complements the native wears for women. It comes in different types and fabrics. Some are stoned, some are glittery, some are flowery, some are plain, while others come with other details.

Sometime ago, gele used to be a form of flamboyance among women. For instance, a woman who wanted to prove to her rivals that she cared less about their presence would wear a gele called ‘ma wo be’ which means ‘don’t look here’ in Yoruba.

As I said earlier, things have changed now. Women are more deliberate about this headwear, not necessarily to display class during events but to elevate their look since it’s an accessory.

And if the outfit is for a wedding, most times, it’s the bride who makes the gele choice for her girls. And when this happens, you don’t have to do much. You only have to buy it, learn how to tie a gele, or find someone to do it for you.

Advantages of Wearing one  of the Best Gele Styles

lady wearing white gele

Even though it’s not compulsory to add a gele to your native wear, doing so helps you:

1. Look More Beautiful

smiling lady wearing dark orange gele

This is obvious, right? Once you’ve figured out your best gele styles and you go for the one you want, you’ll look more beautiful.

It gives you this African queen look and further accentuates your outfit. You should rock a gele whose colour complements the colour of your dress. Even if they aren’t the same colour, just make sure they complement each other.

2. Cover up During a Bad Hair Day

Imagine the wedding is drawing close and you’ve not had time to do your hair. What do you do when a wig isn’t available?

Simple. Wear this headgear.

It’ll come in handy when you’re having a bad hair day without diminishing your style.

What’s more, nobody will notice your hair. Your gele style will mesmerize them and propel them to appreciate your beauty.

3. Complete Your look

smiling lady wearing red gele with asoebi outfit

Rocking any of the beautiful gele styles is a good way to complete your native attire. It’s like crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s.

They give finishing touches to your outfit.

Awesome Gele Styles You Should Rock to the Next Wedding You Attend

beautiful lady dancing in a purple gele and asoebi dress

Alright! There we go. It’s time for you to feed your eyes on the gele styles we promised you. As we said earlier, some of them are knotted, beaded, stoned, floral, etc.

Scroll through and save the image of your favorite. Then go ahead to learn how to tie a gele yourself or pay someone good at styling this headwrap to do it for you.

Here they are:

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