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Lagos Fashion Week 2021: The Best Runway and Street Moments We Can’t Forget

Last week came in a whiff but didn’t come alone. It came with so much impact as it was that time of the year when designers, stylists, and other fashion enthusiasts put on their Sunday best, headed for the number one fashion show in Africa— Lagos Fashion Week 2021.

It was a spectacular one as designers gave us an enthralling glimpse of their Spring/Summer 2022 collections. If you’re looking to update your wardrobe or maybe get inspired by some avant-garde, fashion-forward pieces that’ll leave you gaping as you fantasize about the feel of the fabric on your skin, you’re in the right place.

We thought it wise to curate the best runway and street looks from Lagos Fashion Week 2021. Stay put on this page. And be ready to follow some of these designers to keep in touch with their awe-inspiring works before the next fashion week comes by.

Why the Buzz About Lagos Fashion Week 2021?

I’ll tell you.

LFW has proven to be one of the leading fashion events in Africa. It’s an avenue for fashion and beauty creatives to collaborate and stay in touch with first-hand trends and innovations in the fashion industry.

Let’s put aside the new season collections from designers and the classic outfits from attendees for a moment.

The organizers of this show have contributed to the burgeoning growth of the Nigerian fashion industry, bringing to the limelight emerging talents through the Fashion Focus Africa and Green Access initiatives.

With the exchange of knowledge in the form of masterclasses and business conversations, we can only agree that Lagos Fashion Week keeps paying its dues. It keeps contributing to the growth of the Nigerian (and ultimately, African) fashion industry. To the organizers, it’s all about entrepreneurship, retail, craftsmanship, creativity, and connecting the dots by reinforcing the role fashion plays in the growth of our economy.

This year, the fashion week happened at Balmoral, Federal Place, Victoria Island, Lagos, and lasted from October 27, 2021, to October 31st, 2021. The event comprised digital shows, runway shows, business series, and other activities.

With the beaming faces and statement pieces we saw both on and off the runway, we can be sure Lagos Fashion Week 2021 happened with a loud bang. But if you missed the deets, let’s compensate you with photos that preserve the moment.

First, let’s get started with…

The Best Street Style at Lagos Fashion Week 2021

I wasn’t entirely surprised when I saw how dapper our Nigerian fashion influencers turned up. And that’s because I knew what to expect: standout pieces that blow your mind away with their aplomb and style giving more life to their look.

best street style from Lagos Fashion week 2021

And that was what we saw.

The likes of Adebayo Oke-Lawal, Akin Faminu, Jennifer Oseh, Denola Grey, Tijesu, and many other great style icons didn’t disappoint. 

It was as though their coiffures, fabric choice, and color palette all understood the assignment. How they effused an unbounded sense of style lends credence to the fact that every fashion show is an avenue for designers, models, photographers, stylists, and every other fashion enthusiast to express their style without an iota of restriction.

man serving street style at LFW21

Feast your eyes on some of the best street styles from LFW2021 below:

We’re not done. You haven’t seen the runway looks, have you? So, let’s proceed to that.

Unforgettable Runway Moments at LFW21

Scenes at the Lagos Fashion week 2021

Both the designers who showcased at the runway and digital shows made a mark. Their designs made me appreciate the art of fashion again and again. You know, it’s one thing to conceive a clothing idea. It’s another to see to its complete execution. And that itself takes some high-quality thinking and craftsmanship.

This year, our designers showed us they keep stepping up their fashion game. It was lovely how some took into cognizance even the minutest detail and made out of it a mountain of avant-garde pieces.

Let’s look at some of them.


Male model wearing outfit by Maxivive at Lagos Fashion week 2021

Maxivive thrilled us with this collection paying homage to the victims of the Lekki Massacre of 20:10:20.

I’m sure if you had watched the models strut down the runway in this outfit of green and white mixed with streaks of red to represent the indelible bloodshed, you’d have felt some goosebumps on your skin.

Orange Culture

Model wearing Orange Culture outfit at Lagos Fashion week 2021

And then we also saw Orange Culture with the brand’s signature eccentric pieces with bold colors and prints. Orange Culture brought an edgy, androgynous feel to the runway that we won’t forget in a hurry.

Banke Kuku

Speaking of bold prints, Orange Culture wasn’t the only designer that pulled this off, you know. Banke Kuku gave us a taste of Afrocentric fashion with a sprinkle of vibrant prints. 

lady wearing outfit by Banke Kuku at Lagos Fashion week 2021

You can wear a piece from Banke Kuku’s SS22 collection to make a fashion statement or simply go somewhere casual. 


This sustainability-focused brand also came through as we expected.

I love how the brand focuses on textile waste reduction to create sustainable pieces. You can only admire the brain and hands that never rested until the collection was done. 

Model wearing white dress by Nkwo at Lagos Fashion week 2021

Have a sneak peek.

Elfred Dali

As though that wasn’t enough, we also saw Elfreda Dali ooze mind-blowing, edgy pieces on the runway. 

Man wearing outfit by Elfred Dali at Lagos Fashion week 2021

I feel her collection comes with a promise: wear me and stand out! It’s obvious. A single look at the details will convince you. The collection comprises pants with extreme flares, baggy shorts, crystal-like embellishments, and other standout details.

Niuku Original

The dominant feature of this collection is the subtle stripes hidden in the weaves of the fabrics. Niuku not only gives us pieces that tickle our style buds; they complete the collection with the right color tones and prints of course.

Kiko Romeo

Lady wearing outfit by Kiko Romeo at Lagos Fashion week 2021

I love how the cuts, colors, and prints of this collection emphasize an edginess no one gets by remaining in their comfort zone. You can tell some of the looks are summer-inspired with the vibrant colors around.


Assian sure had in mind to create pieces that evoke awe both on and off the runway. And they did that with this collection.

Guy wearing outfit by Assian at Lagos Fashion week 2021

Gozel Green

I love how Gozel Green creates multifunctional, edgy pieces that any fashion-savvy woman can easily wear to command attention anywhere. With this collection, the brand lets us know that indeed the future starts now.

Female model wearing Gozel Green outfit at Lagos Fashion week 2021

Elie Kuame

Bold. Daring. Eclectic is all I see when I look at this collection. Let’s agree Elie Kuame did a great job. Now I can’t wait to see who pulls off the orange three-piece better off the runway.

Eki Silk

We can tell the recurring color for this designer was black. Even their fabrics with multiple prints had a touch of black on them. See for yourself.

Lady wearing outfit by Eki Silk at Lagos Fashion week 2021

Austrian Lace

This brand almost took me back to the Victorian era. I love how they played with lace and floral prints here and there to achieve pieces that announce your presence in any gathering.

Lady wearing dress by Austrian Lace at Lagos Fashion week 2021

Every designer who showcased on the runway and the digital show understood the theme of LFW2021 and doled out pieces that better express it. 

Fashion is more than the major means to cover our nakedness. It’s an art that looks beyond the now to edify creativity. And with Lagos Fashion Week 2021, we can boldly say that each look on and off the runway emphasizes the theme that the future starts now.

To see more looks that graced the LFW21 runway show, visit the official website of Lagos Fashion Week and sate your eyes.

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