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Designer of The Week: Joshua Abangasang of J.Hart NG

Joshua Abangasang is one of the young designers making waves in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state. He is the creative director of J.Hart NG. Before launching his brand in 2016, he had been a tailor for a while. Natural for every tailor, he began by mending clothes and sewing for himself and his loved ones before proceeding to YouTube to learn more of cutting from some DIY videos and since then, he has been perfecting his art.

J.Hart NG

J.Hart NG is a fashion brand that believes in the unspoken words of good looks. The brand’s philosophy goes thus: making a positive statement everywhere you go, with your mouth closed and your outfit talking. As such, Joshua believes everyone deserves to look good irrespective of his/her shape or size.

J.Hart NG

While still in primary school, Joshua used to make paper humans and clothe them in whatever apparel he liked. His paper humans used to be his escape from his bad moments as a child; little did he know that he was on the path to his talent discovery. He is a graduate of Architecture from the Polytechnic, Akwa Ibom.

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J.Hart NG

Prior to his becoming a fashion designer, Joshua was already good at illustrations. His flair for fashion illustration can be said to be what directed him towards this path. Many a time, the sketches in his pad had won him admiration even before he began making them into clothes. In 2017, he was the Best Upcoming Designer in Akwa Ibom. Later on, he was one of the two designers selected by Akwa Ibom state Ministry of Tourism to showcase at the last fashion show done during the state’s anniversary.

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J.Hart NG

Apart from fashion, Joshua also loves sci-fi, soccer, food, art, movies, travelling and sleep. He finds inspiration in everything including, shapes, colours, forms, contrast, etc. He is a lover of sequins, patterns, prints, abstract forms, etc., made in a simple way, so that it’s not disturbing.

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The brand looks up to Kamsi Tcharles, Balmain and Louis Vuitton. Plus, showcasing in the top fashion shows of the world would be a dream fulfillment for J.Hart NG.

You can follow J.Hart NG on Instagram @jhartng

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