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Nouva Couture Unveils SS19 Collection Tagged ‘Undone Glamour’

Nouva Couture has recently released the lookbook to its SS19 collection tagged Undone Glamour. The collection is inspired by the brand’s past collections and designs.

According to a press statement from Nouva Couture , the collection “is for the understated woman, one who undoubtedly loves fashion but would rather give an austere statement with her presence and of course, her outfit“.

It goes further to describe the Nouva woman as one “who exudes a glamorous, understated, classy appearance in harmony with subtle-toned colors and discreet appeal. One who takes much interest in the mild but comfortable and delicate but pleasing sense of style. She loves a blend of the subtle, the bold with a splash of color!

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The SS19 collection consists of colour schemes that perfectly interpret the beauty and style the Nouva Woman exudes such as Jester Red, Fiesta, Tumeric, Rose Pink, Black, Ivory and more color relationships.

The pieces are also opportune for this season as they go with whatever mood, temperament, tone or weather.

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Collection designed by @therealbolajiayinde for @nouvacouture

Creative Direction @therealbolajiayinde

Styled by @therealbolajiayinde

Makeup/Headwrap by @radiantbyreena

Model @funke_williams

Photography @mr_laah

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