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Maliko SS19 Collection Looks To Tyres For Inspiration

Lagos-based artisanal footwear and accessories brand, Maliko, has announced its Spring-Summer 2019 collection tagged, RESILIENCE.

According to a release, the brand looks at the tyres of heavy-duty trucks as the inspiration for its SS19 collection.

These tyres are known for their quality of abrasion resistance and high loading capacity. The tyre quality reveals the choice of using abrasion resistant high platformed soles with high resilience, mirroring the brutalist aesthetics of the tyres.”


The Maliko brand is known for its use of lively colors and boundary-pushing silhouettes for its accessories which fascinatingly explores the joy, drama and frenzy of Lagos. This is where the bright color palette used in the collection is drawn from.

The footwears comprising the collection are androgynous and handcrafted with 100% genuine leather sourced from the Nigerian market. They are targeted at both young and old individuals who seek to be bold and daring with their style.


The brand’s creative director, Ebuka Maliko, assures good quality, functionality and styles of these platform footwears which resonate with the brand values. In his words, “The experiential joy of being found in a seeming resilience piece is what this story is all about. Everyone Climb!”

To get any of the pieces of the collection which will be launched on February 14th, 2019, visit their Instagram page or their official website, www.malikostudios.com.


Brand Instagram – @malikostudios

Creative Direction – Ebuka Omaliko

Photographer – Kene Nwatu

Set designer – Aike Akhigbe

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