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14 Things You Can Gift Your Val Come February 14

Valentine is in the air and I’m sure you are already contemplating things you can gift your Val on Valentine’s Day. Valentine is one day love remains redolent in the air; a day people seek different means to express their feelings to their loved ones, not just through words but through actions.

I know how confused one can get when it’s time to find the perfect gift for a loved one. This confusion may be as a result of our wondering what it is we could buy that will not only be received happily but also remain useful to the one we want to gift. If your val is a book lover, getting a book that suits her/his interest will be the best option. If s/he is one who loves movies, footing her/his Netflix bills for a couple of months or going to the movies won’t be a bad idea. If your val is a foodie, you could prepare a very delectable delicacy that, even though ends in the restroom, will linger in her/his memory for a long time.

If you don’t want to do any of those, I have a list of some Things you can gift your Val on the 14th, both for the men and the ladies. All you just have to do is choose the one you’d love to purchase, tap the Instagram handles you see and get directed to their pages.

things you can gift your Val

1.Standard Ballers Box



If your val is a classy man; one who has an aura of BOSS and CLASS surrounding him, then this Standard Ballers Box by David Baller is all you need to gift him. It comprises a tie, pocket square, cufflinks, brooch and a pair of socks to add more staples to your man’s wardrobe.

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things you can gift your Val

2. Heart Necklace



You’ve probably been saying ‘I love you’ for a long time now. Why don’t you let a necklace speak the words for you? Shop this from Seyi Arts and have your spouse hear those three beautiful words ring in his/her ears whenever s/he sees the Heart Necklace.

3. Valentine Package



This Val package by ENE comprises 3-in-one cotton briefs, a box of chocolates and a customized Val letter card. Do you want to surprise him in three ways at once? Shop the Valentine package from ENE now.

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4. Latonne Signature



Let the feet of your Val luxuriate in this pleasant unisex footwear by Latonne Signature so whenever they walk, they’ll always carry you, not just in mind, but as they move.

5. Couples Analog Wristwatch



Shop this pair of Gucci analog wristwatch for yourself and your loved one from Fonky Emporium. Let your hearts tell the time!

things you can gift your Val

6. Love Potion Set



When your body smells great with an alluring fragrance…You know what that means, don’t you? Shop the Love Potion Set by Oriflame at a discount price and let your spouse’s body smell so irresistible that you wouldn’t mind sniffing for the rest of the year. The set contains cream, perfume and body spray.

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7. Love Frame



Did you know you could have a poem written for your spouse and framed beautifully at a negotiable price? Let Pendropspoetry do this for you to gift your spouse this Valentine. It isn’t just a gift but a souvenir. It’s a proof of your love draping from the wall, giving assurance to the receiving heart.

8. Love Tees



What’s lovelier than when you and your spouse rock a customized tee/sweatshirt with a romantic word inscribed on it? This wouldn’t just be pleasing to the eyes alone but also to the heart. Why don’t you order a customized Love tee-shirt from Kvng Wears for you and your spouse? Get some heads turning and some tongues wowing!

9. Flames Of Love



How about reading your spouse beautiful lines and verses from this collection of love poems by Olaniyi Ololade? The e-book is for FREE. Get it and let your Val know that the words in it are mirroring the emotions of your heart.

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Blue Soles


N6, 000

Back to footwear! Shop this beautiful unisex footwear from Zanga Wears. If you and your spouse wear almost the same size, you could always alternate who wears it. Shuuush…Don’t say I said so please.

Sweet Fragrance


N2,000 per unit

Looking good, being good and smelling good are what makes a beautiful human. You may look good and be good but when you don’t smell good…the result is better not imagined. With any of these perfumes from Liqe Collections, you can give your Val a lasting, sweet fragrance. You can either shop one for N2, 000 or get a pack containing different fragrances at a discount price of N18,000.

Lace Pink Set


N18, 000

Get her looking hot and sexy in this bralette and pant by Lilly’s Secret. What better way to end your Val than staring into the perfect body in the perfect lingerie for the perfect moment?

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13. Crystal Bridal Earrings

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to gift her a pair of bridal earrings, you know? If you are already contemplating popping the question, getting her these earrings in anticipation of the D-day may help spur things to action. Afterwards, go on bended knees and let that little box freak her out.

things you can gift your Val

14. Your Time And Affection

N0. 00

Material things may make us happy but trust me, there is nothing as precious as having someone give you enough time and affection. Time is one expensive ‘commodity’ not everyone can afford. It wouldn’t be cool to just exchange gifts and that’s that. As you speak words of love and exchange gifts of love, know for sure that there is no better gift than giving the ones you love your time, attention and affection.

What other things can you gift your Val on Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comment box.

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