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5 Best Natural Hair Care Routine to Boost Your Hair Growth

You’re a newbie naturalista wondering how to go about the best natural hair care routine? Look no further as we’ve compiled it all for you in this post.

Getting the best natural hair care routine is similar to having an ideal skincare routine. The choice you make in terms of products and habits can affect your hair either positively or negatively.

However, sticking to that routine can be a bit overwhelming. Regardless, it is worth the effort.

Natural Hair Care Routine You Should Adopt Today

Do you desire to see your hair grow as you wish, looking as beautiful as you want it to be? That doesn’t happen by chance, you know. It requires a lot of effort and consistency in maintaining that effort.

If you’re ready to put in the work, you can start with these natural hair care routine. The result is going to be a super healthy hair that grows well; void of split ends, breakage and any unwanted hair malady.

1. Cleanse Your Hair

You should wash your natural hair every two weeks or once a week depending on your hair type. If you regularly style your hair, you should cleanse it once a week to get rid of grime and buildups from products.

Furthermore, cleansing your hair also helps you get rid of dead skin cells that may hinder hair growth. If you don’t cleanse and there’s so much product residue, your hair will be unnecessarily oily.

In addition, if you spend much time swimming, you should wash your hair to take off chlorine off it.  This is because swimming pool contains chlorine which can cause damage to your hair.

2. Detangle Your Hair

This is important lest your hair should break. The easiest way to detangle your hair is to apply a good conditioner and comb from tip to root. You can also wet your hair with water and comb from ends to root while it’s damp to get it detangled.

However, if there’s no wide-tooth comb at hand, simply use your hands to detangle your hair. Depending on your hair type, you may have to detangle every day.

3. Apply Hair Mask

Hair masks helps to nourish and hydrate your hair. It also boosts the condition and health of your hair. You can apply DIY hair masks using aloe vera, honey, egg white, coconut, etc. You can also deep condition your hair as this is also a hair mask treatment.

If you’re just transitioning to natural hair, you should apply hair mask every week as your hair is usually weak during this stage. Deep conditioning or using hair mask will help strengthen your hair while in the transition phase.

4. Style Often

This is one of the best natural hair care routine because it doesn’t just make your hair look beautiful. It makes you more beautiful too.

There are many ways to style your natural hair apart from wearing braids, twists or any other protective hairstyle. For instance, you can opt for straightening your hair. Don’t get discouraged; you can actually straighten your natural hair without damaging it. Simply follow the rules and you are good to go.

Moreover, you can apply any of the natural oils for hair growth while styling your hair. And when you’re removing your braids or twists, the oil will help prevent frizz.

5. Always Seal and Moisturise Daily

Your hair needs to be soft and inviting and you have to retain that feature. That’s why moisturisng and sealing is important.

That is, when your hair is dry, water it. You can spritz your hair with water every day to keep it soft and moisturised. Afterwards, seal this moisture with a sealant like coconut oil. This will help lock in the moisture so your hair can look soft and inviting all the time.

Ready to adopt this natural hair care routine? If you really desire to be that enviable naturalista, hop on these tips so you can have the hair of your dreams.

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