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Latest Kente Styles for Men and Women

African prints are diverse and versatile. From the Ankara fabrics to others such as Dashiki, Aso Oke, and now Kente, afrocentrism only reigns at its peak. As usual, these African prints have evolved to become mainstream, leaving the borders of their aboriginal countries. Little wonder the latest Kente styles for men and women can be worn by anyone regardless of their race or culture.

What is Kente?

Smiling Victoria B. Willie wearing a kente print gown

Kente is a Ghanaian fabric made of handwoven cloth strips of silk and cotton. The name of this fabric originates from the word kenten, which means “basket” in the Asante dialect of Akan language.

Brief History of Kente Fabric

Beautiful lady rocking kente jumpsuit and smiling

This fabric originated among the Ashanti people of Ghana. History has it that the fabric was worn in a toga-like fashion by royalty among ethnic groups including the Ashanti, the Akyem, and the Fante.

Man in kente outfit

This fabric developed from different weaving traditions that were extant in Ghana prior to the 11th century. According to folklore, it is believed that weavers invented kente by seeking to replicate the patterns of the spider called Anansi.

Curvy lady in a beautiful kente jumpsuit

Up until today, Bonwire remains the most famous place for weaving this fabric used in making the latest Kente styles.

What does the Different Colours of the Print Symbolise?

2 beautiful ladies wearing kente dresses

As you know, this fabric usually comes in multicolored prints and each colour stands to symbolise something. If any of the latest Kente styles you wear have the following colours, below are the symbolic meanings.

  • White: This colour stands for purification and sanctification rites. It also symbolises festive occasions.
  • Red: This colours stands to represent bloodshed, sacrificial rites, political and spiritual moods and death.
  • Black: This colour symbolises mourning and funerals, the process of maturity, passing rites, intense spiritual energy, and the spirits of ancestors.
  • Pink: The colour pink is associated with the essence of female life.
  • Green: Green stands for spiritual renewal, vegetation, planting, harvesting and growth.
  • Gold: It symbolises royalty, glory, purity and wealth.
  • Yellow: This colour represents fertility, beauty, royalty and wealth.
  • Blue: This colour stands for love, peace and harmony.
  • Grey: The colour grey is associated with healing and cleansing rituals.
  • Maroon: This colour is associated with healing. It is the colour of mother earth.
  • Purple: This represents femininity and is mostly  worn by women.
  • Silver: This colour is associated with the moon. It stands for serenity, purity and joy.

Latest Kente Styles for Men and Women

Boy and girl rocking matching kente designed sweatshirts

These latest Kente styles are all you need to feel Ghanaian regardless of your nationality. They are functional, modern and at the same time traditional.

Man and woman in mixed kente and black outfit

Ankara shouldn’t be the only native attire you wear. Show you’re a versatile African by trying out any of these latest Kente styles.

1. Mix and Match

Man wearing mixed kente outfit with white

You don’t have to sew an outfit with the Kente print alone. These Kente styles involves mixing the print with another fabric of different yet matching colour. That is, you can blend it with a plain-coloured fabric or other fabrics like Ankara, lace and brocade.

Lady in kente dress mixed with other fabric

2. Bottoms

The print can also be used in making any bottom of your choice be it pants, shorts or skirts.

3. Blazer

Looking for the right outerwear to layer your outfits? Try having a Kente blazer or kimono. You can as well go further by making it into a suit.

Man wearing kente suit with woman wearing kente designed gown

4. Tops

Smiling lady wearing kente top

Among the latest Kente styles are shirts, crop tops and every other top you can wear. You can even have the fabric sewn into a top for the office or weekend getaways.

Beautiful lady wearing kente crop top

5. Afro-urban Fashion

Couple wearing kente designed tshirts with jeans

This print can be merged with streetwear to create Afro-urban pieces in the form of tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, denim tops and what have you.

Black couple wearing kente in an Afro urban fashion sense

6. Dress

Model wearing a short gown dress

A beautiful dress tailored with this print to mirror any of the latest Kente styles will keep you looking Africanly stylish.

Lady wearing kente dress

7. Head ties

Smiling lady tying kente head tie

You can wear a readymade apparel and tie an headwear made with this print. It’s still among the latest kente styles you should try out.

Kente headwear on a lady

Now you know the latest Kente styles for you. If you’d like to know how the Kente design is made, watch the video below and see for yourself.

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