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5 Best Ways You Can Style Your Hats

When I inquired of my grandpa why he is never seen without a covering for his frail head, his words to me were:  “I love my hats like my heart.” According to him, from his boyhood days, he had learnt to prevent his eyes and forehead from sunburn. He also admonished the way these variety of hats such as; bowler, boater, cowboy hat, top hat, flat cap, trilby, beret, panama, bobble hat, beanie make fashion appear so majestic and effortlessly beautiful.  And it is because he loves his hat like his heart that he goes a step further to suggest five best ways you can style your hats.

5 Best Ways You Can Style Your Hats

Hat with suspender belt

man in hat and suspenders

It will always look old-fashioned when worn, but, you can not take away the class and calm it brings to the fine gentleman or lady that has chosen to style themselves this way.

Hat with suit

black man wearing suit and hat

Wearing hats with your suits is among the best ways you can style your hats. Whatever suit you will want to adorn your hat with is very okay. It doesn’t matter if it is just the suit jacket, blazers, coat or winter coat, adding a flat cap, cowboy hat, beanie, beret, etc., is always a touch of elegance.

Hat with vintage tops

man wearing cap with vintage shirt

Vintage tops are cool piece of clothes to don on a sunny day. Talk more of when paired with a nice hat to either picnics, beach outings, bonfires or any kind of party where most of those in attendance are pals exuding youthful exuberance and vibrancy.

Hat with stripes

hat worn with stripped outfit

The stripes may be a worn top, T-shirt or trousers. It goes to say that any of the aforementioned when matched with a bowler, boater, trilby or beret comes out sharp, smart, and admirable.

Hat with polo

man in hat styled with polo

Couple of times, you must have seen people putting on caps with neatly worn Tees and tops, but not many realize that hats are also perfect combinations with these T-shirts or polos.

If you are yet to try out any of these best ways to style your hats, ensure you take the advice of my grandpa and make a fashion statement this week.

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