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2B Hair: How to Maintain & Style this Hair Type

2B hair is one of the wavy hair types that’s easily recognizable. It’s straight at the roots but gets wavier from the middle toward the end. Unlike 2A hair, this hair type has a tighter S shape with more defined wave patterns. The best part is it reacts well to styling creams, making it perfect for trying out different looks.

Ashley Simone showing off her 2b hair

But just like every other hair type, 2b hair has its struggles. For example, without the right products and hair care routine, your waves will fall or get frizzy. If this is your hair type, your best bet is to follow a guide that shows you how to maintain it. And that’s what this article will put you through.

What Defines 2B Hair?

lady flaunting her 2b hair

2B hair is a type of wavy hair that has a moderate curl. The curl pattern is straight at the roots with an S-shaped curl that begins from the middle to the tips. This hair type is the best of both worlds as it sits somewhere in between perfect for versatile styles and having its issues. In addition, it’s lightweight and easily weighed down by product buildups.

If this is your hair type, just as you embrace its beauty, you should also embrace its lows. For one, your hair might get frizzy, especially when exposed to humid temperatures. And when the weather is damp, your hair can become dry or messy.

How to Care for 2b Hair 

AI photo of a woman with 2b hair

Follow these tips to get gorgeous, voluminous 2B waves every day:

Shampoo Less with Clarifying Products

Since this hair type is easily weighed down by accumulated products, wash your hair only three to four times a week. Also, use clarifying shampoo and conditioner to get rid of any residue that may be stuck in your hair. And use a volumizing dry shampoo to eliminate greasiness and revive your hair roots.

Enhance Your Waves with a Diffuser

Use a diffuser to enhance your natural waves. It’ll add movement to your hair and help maintain your S-shaped waves.

Detangle with a Wide-Toothed Comb

Since this hair type tangles and knots easily, combing it may be difficult and lead to breakage. To avoid this, always detangle with a wide-toothed comb. The comb will be gentle on your hair and split the knots without causing frizz or damage.

Moisturize Often

Wavy hair can get dry or damaged easily. So you should protect your hair by nourishing it with leave-in conditioner and other moisturizing hair products. But while moisturizing, be careful not to use too many products or apply conditioning creams to your roots. Doing so will weigh down your waves instead of enhancing them.

Don’t Use Heat-Styling Tools Always

Avoid styling your hair with tools like a curling wand, blowdryer, straightener, etc. In the long run, they’ll damage your hair. Instead, scrunch your hair. Here’s how it works: gently squeeze a handful of your hair in your palm. Then, work it up toward the root from the ends of your hair.

Finish up with Curling Tools

I know I asked you to avoid heat-styling your hair often. But sometimes, these guys are a necessary evil we almost can’t do without. So spice up your curls with some rollers or a curling wand. If you’re using the latter, keep it at low heat or use a heat protectant so you don’t damage your hair.

Gorgeous 2B Hairstyles that’ll Suit Your Face

pretty lady showing her wavy coiffure

Try any of these hairstyles to take your 2B waves to the next level:


back of a wavy hair with highlights

From black hair with blonde highlights to balayage or even cowboy copper hair, feel free to wear your waves anyhow you want. Highlights throw on more dimension and shine to your waves. So try different colors and shades for a new look.


2b hair in a bun

Don’t stress it; just tie your hair into a loose, low bun and let your natural 2B waves frame your face. This style is great for a regular day in the office, a date, or a night out.

Ponytail for 2B Hair

2b ponytail style

If your wavy hair is long enough, fix it up as a high or low ponytail. It’ll accentuate your forehead and promote your facial features.

Messy Beach Waves

gorgeous girl wearing beach waves

Take advantage of your natural hair shape by letting your waves fly loose.

Baby Braids on 2B Hair

pretty girl with a tattoo on her wrist showing her hairdo

Little, face-framing braids add a trendy twist to your waves. Wear them on days you want to protect your hair from manipulation.

Half-up/Half-down 2B Hair

half-up, half-down 2b hair on a girl wearing a light green cardigan

For a casual yet chic look, tie half of your hair into a bun then leave the bottom hair loose. 

Accessorized 2B Hair

wavy hairstyle with accessories

Garnish your hair with hair clips, barrettes, scrunchies, and other accessories. They further beautify your hair and help you try out different hairstyles easily.

Add Some Layers

layered coiffure

Wear your 2B hair in different lengths and cuts. This adds more volume to your hair while defining your waves.

The Allure of 2B Hair

Debby Ryan rocking her blonde 2b hair

While this hair type has waves and moderate curls, don’t forget it’s prone to frizz and dryness. So, adopt the right 2B hair care routine we’ve shared to achieve and maintain your hair’s sheen. Also, don’t forget to wear gorgeous hairstyles in different lengths and colors to figure out what suits your style.

This hair type is a statement maker. Wield it as your weapon of style.

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