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Brazilian Hair: What to Know Before Buying this Weave

The first time I heard the term “Brazilian hair” was in the early 2010s. It was the talk of the women’s hair space to the extent that musicians like Chuddy K dedicated a four-minute song to it.

If you’re a hair enthusiast, you’re no stranger to this type of human hair extension too. You probably must have heard it from a stylist, supplier, social media, actor, singer, or a random person down the street. 

Although Brazilian hair weaves may not be on everyone’s lips as they used to, they’re still worth the investment.

a beautiful ebony lady wearing Brazillian hair

But before you proceed to buy a bundle of this hair, there are some things you should know. For instance, the fact that it’s called Brazilian hair doesn’t mean it’s actually from Brazil.

That and more is what I’ll cover in this piece. Keep reading to stay enlightened and save this page for future reference.

What is Brazilian Hair?

pretty lady wearing Brazillian hair

Like single donor hair, this type of hair is gotten from donors in South America and Asia who are paid to grow and donate their hair in good shape. Although most of the donors are from small, rural places within Brazil, not all Brazilian weave is actually from Brazil.

lady using Brazillian hair extension for ponytail hairstyle

Daniela Cilliers, Content Writer on Lola Silk, said as much:

“I was born and raised in Brazil and I can guarantee you that it is not part of Brazilian women’s culture to sell or donate their hair. Even when we look into the numbers of this market, Brazil human hair exports represent only 0.74% of the market. It is literally impossible to say that the Brazilian hair sold around the world is actually coming from the head of Brazilian girls. And the same happens to Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, and all the others. So, now you are probably asking yourself…where does the hair come from? From Asia. This is the continent that has incorporated as part of their culture and/ or business practice to donate or to sell hair.”

Yeah, the hair comes from different parts of Asia. According to Cilliers, the name only serves as a category to differentiate it from other sleek human hair weaves in the market.

lady rocking Brazillian hair

Generally, this human hair weave is soft, thick, versatile, shiny, and durable. It’s easy to style in multiple ways whether you want it straight, colored, curly, or wavy. What’s more? The weave also handles heat better and holds curls longer than Malaysian or Indian hairs. 

Installing this hair doesn’t need many bundles as it has a full look. Thus, it’s economical as you only need a few bundles and your hair will appear dense.

red Brazillian hair weave

Furthermore, Brazilian weaves are easy to maintain and they can last up to a year depending on how you care for them.

Types of Brazilian Hair Weaves

1. Straight Brazilian Hair

lady wearing straight Brazillian hair

As the name implies, this hair is straight and void of any bouncy curls or waves.  The best part of this weave is that you can manipulate it to any style you want.

lady wearing short Brazillian hair

So, regardless of its straight look, if you want it curly, you can always have it.

2. Curly Brazilian Weaves

smiling lady wearing curly Brazillian hair

This hair is curly with S or Z shapes. The curls are tight and can be fine or coarse, depending on the type you go for.

lady wearing long curly Brazillian hair

3. Wavy Brazilian Hair

smiling lady wearing wavy Brazillian hair

This type has a high density which helps to add volume to your natural hair. They are durable, and the wavy patterns can also stay for a long time.

pretty lady wearing wavy Brazillian hair

What to do Before Buying Brazillian Hair Weaves/Wig

Brazillian hair weaves

Before you pay any hair vendor for this hair, consult your hairstylist or any hair aficionado who has a knack for recognizing quality hair.

They may connect you to good hair vendors and even show you how to recognize quality hair at first sight. 

Furthermore, consider the length of the hair you want to achieve and go for the inches that suit your taste. For instance, if you want a bob look, then you have to go for short weaves.

In addition, you should also have a color in mind. Do you want it black, blonde, or red? Decide on your color choice before reaching out to a supplier.

Where to Buy Brazilian Hair

Instagram Brazillian hair search screenshot

You can find this hair on e-commerce stores like Jumia, Konga, or other notable hair websites. 

Furthermore, hair vendors abound on Instagram and other social media. To find them, simply enter the keyword “Brazilian hair” on your search bar, and immediately, you’ll find hair sellers around you.

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