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Double Helix Piercing: All You Need to Know About This Body Art

If you love cute blings and want an edgy and chic piercing, the double helix piercing is about to become your latest obsession. This piercing style has taken the fashion world by storm, offering a unique twist on traditional ear piercings.

Side view of the double helix piercing

As its name implies, why rock one when you can rock two and look gorgeous? However, before you book that appointment, you should know certain things about this body modification. And that’s what this post seeks to achieve. We’ll dive deep into the world of double helix piercing, covering the process, risks, and aftercare procedures. 

What is Double Helix Piercing?

Close up view of a lady rocking the  multiple piercings

Also known as an industrial helix piercing, it is an ear-piercing cartilage style involving two parallel piercings in the upper outer cartilage of the ear. A single piece of curved barbell jewelry connects the two piercings. This creates the appearance of two intertwined helices, similar to the shape of a DNA double helix molecule.

To make things more interesting, the piercing comes in two types: the standard helix and the forward helix. Let’s break them down:

Standard Double Helix

Picture of a lady rocking the standard double piercing

This double helix style is still placed on your ear’s cartilage but stays towards the back of your ear. If you’d rather have the bling at the back, go for this one.

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Double Forward Helix

Close up view of the double forward helix piercing

This piercing style maintains its position on your ear’s cartilage but faces forward. So, the piercer places the earring right above your tragus, also known as the forward part of your ear. 

Is the Double Helix Piercing Painful?

Close view of a lady rocking the double  helix piercing

Like other piercings, the level of pain may vary among persons. However, the sensation you’ll feel while getting this piercing is more like a sharp pain that gradually diminishes. Moreover, keep in mind that you’ll experience that pain twice since it is a double piercing. 

In addition, the closeness of the two piercings may result in an intense throbbing sensation compared to the single piercing. But don’t worry, as they say, time heals all wounds. So, the pain will go away with time.

How Long Does It Take to Heal?

Picture of a girl rocking two gold blings for  her cute piercing

It takes six to 12 months to fully heal. Not to dampen your excitement, the healing time may take longer if the piercings are placed too close to each other. In such cases, we advise you to be patient and follow the aftercare process religiously to help you get a swift healing experience. But without this clause, you’re good to go.

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The Process of the Double Helix Piercing 

Picture of two studs highlighting the body modification

While the double helix piercing may appear complex, the process is straightforward when a skilled and experienced piercer performs it. Here’s what you should expect:


Before the piercing, discuss your desires, preferences, and potential risks or concerns with your piercer. This step is crucial to ensure a safe and successful piercing experience.


The piercer will carefully mark the placement of the two piercings to ensure perfect symmetry and alignment. They’ll also follow proper sterilization techniques to maintain a hygienic environment.


The piercer will use a hollow piercing needle to skillfully create two parallel piercings in the upper ear cartilage. This process may cause discomfort, but experienced piercers are trained to minimize pain and ensure a smooth experience.

Jewelry Insertion

Once the piercings are complete, the piercer will insert your jewelry; often, they are two separate pieces that give the illusion of a continuous double helix structure. But you can still get what you want using a curved barbell.

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Aftercare Process of Double Helix Piercing

Picture of Miley Cyrus rocking the cute body modification

Proper aftercare is essential for a double helix piercing to heal. Extra care must be taken since it involves two piercings through the ear cartilage. Also, cartilage piercings tend to have a longer healing period of six to 12 months and are more prone to complications if not cared for properly. So, follow these aftercare steps to avoid issues:

Keep it clean 

Use a saline solution or mild soap to clean the piercing gently one to two times daily. Soak a cotton ball with the solution and clean around the piercing holes to remove any crusted discharge. Don’t use harsh cleaners like alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or antibacterial ointments.

Don’t touch or move the jewelry

Aside from cleaning, avoid playing with, rotating, or moving the jewelry until fully healed. Moving the jewelry can cause trauma, tear the piercing, and delay healing.

Watch for signs of infection

Some swelling, redness, and discharge are normal initially. However, it becomes a sign of infection with excessive swelling, thick mucus discharge, increasing pain, and fever. Please seek medical attention immediately.

Avoid Irritation

Don’t sleep on the pierced ear. Also, avoid hair products, makeup, and anything that can get caught, bump, or snag the jewelry. Wear protective coverings during activities that could catch the piercing.

No swimming

Avoid pools, lakes, and hot tubs until the piercing fully recovers to prevent infection.

Don’t Remove the Jewelry Until You Heal

Leave the jewelry in throughout the healing period. Removing it can cause the holes to close or become irritated.

Double Helix Piercing: A Blend of Edge and Sophistication

Close view of the double helix piercing

The double helix piercing is a true work of art inspired by the iconic DNA double helix structure. This unique ear piercing features two parallel holes connected by a curved barbell, mimicking the twisted shape of the DNA molecule.

With its design and nod to scientific discovery, the double helix piercing perfectly blends fashion with medicine. Whether adorned with sleek jewelry or gemstones, it makes a bold fashion statement.  So, If you’re seeking an eye-catching look, the double helix is your best bet for that audacious flair.

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