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5 Facts About Elena Moussa You Didn’t Know 

Ever heard of Elena Moussa?  She’s none other than the pretty wife of Gut Gutfield, a star of several Fox News shows. She is a multitalented creative leaving an indelible mark in fashion.

Full picture of Elena Moussa walking the streets of NYC

Interestingly, Elena was famous even before her marriage to Greg and she owes it to her beautiful contributions in the fashion industry. But besides fashion and being the pretty face behind Greg’s goofy smile, there are other captivating facts about her you probably never knew. Read this piece as we unravel more about the gorgeous Russian fashionista.

Elena Moussa Was Born in Russia and Worked as a Runway Model

Picture of Elena Moussa rocking a coats on the streets of NYC

Elena Moussa was born in March 1982 in Russia. She also spent time as a child in London and went on to become a runway model. Her height most certainly helped her get the attention of designers. She stands 5 feet 10 inches tall, dwarfing her husband, Gutfeld who is said to be 5’5″ tall.

Another picture of Elena Moussa rocking the unique glasses

It’s uncertain how long Moussa was solely a professional model. However, according to her Instagram account, she continued modeling after becoming a Maxim photo editor and working as a stylist on projects. Moussa may have modeled for Stella McCartney in May 2015. She was also pictured wearing McCartney glasses on the fashion blog Sartorialist and she shared the shot on Instagram.

She is a World-Famous Fashion Stylist 

Elena Moussa poses for a shot with her iconic look

Elena is a well-known fashion stylist yet some people only know her as Greg Gutfeld’s wife. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with a large number of renowned fashion brands

For instance, in January 2019, she was credited as the stylist for the editorial piece in Venice Magazine which discussed incorporating vibrant colors into one’s winter clothing. Moussa shared photos from the shoot to her Instagram account and praised the model, Eva Minaeva, as a “very cool girl.”

Another picture showing a gorgeous Elena Moussa

In September 2015,  Elena participated in a photo session for Numéro, a renowned Russian fashion publication. The stylist gushed about how much she adored the coat she had selected for the shoot’s model. 

In addition, she has also worked as a fashion stylist for Maxim, a global fashion company with operations in the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, and many other nations. 

Moussa Married Gutfeld After Only Five Months of Dating

Full picture of Greg Gutfeld and his wife posing for the camera

The Daily Beast reported that Gutfeld met Moussa at a Maxim conference. For the occasion in Portugal, the business assembled editors from over 30 Maxim editions and Moussa was staying in the motel room next door.

Before then, Moussa started her professional career as a runway model in Russia. In 2004, She became a photo editor for Maxim magazine in Russia. And Gutfeld joined the Maxim brand as the U.K. edition’s editor-in-chief. And that was how fate brought them together.

Gutfeld was so smitten by her beauty when he saw her that he described to the Daily Beast:

When I saw her, I said to the editor of Maxim Russia, ‘Who is this woman? And I foolishly hit on her for three days.”

Another picture of  Greg Gutfeld posing a selfie with his wife

He claimed Moussa was first “pretty cold” toward him, but when he eventually asked her on a date, she agreed. Gutfeld and Elena Moussa got married in late 2004 after dating for only five months. The New York Times reported it was a small civil ceremony in New York City. 

Greg Gutfeld’s wedding images barely made it into the public realm despite the two being well-known figures. Since they got married towards the end of 2004, the two have been together for about 18 years. 

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She Owned a Showroom Called the Moussa Project

Gorgeous picture showing the Russian beauty

Elena started the Moussa Project several years ago. It was a conceptual apparel store located in Moscow that catered to ladies. According to reports, Elena co-owned the company with her sister Victoria. 

The Moussa Project also offered customers the option to rent designer apparel and accessories for a small portion of their retail cost in addition to fashion shows. Additionally, the customers could also buy the goods at a later time if they wanted. But sometime in 2016, The Moussa Project came to an end.

Elena Moussa an Alumna of the Parsons School of Design

The  beautiful Russian poses a storm for the camera

Elena enrolled in the New York Fashion Institute of Technology to study fashion after leaving high school. She worked for some time after receiving her diploma before returning to school to improve her education. This time, she enrolled in the Parson School of Design, one of the most renowned art and design schools in the world. 

Picture showing the russian beauty wearing a cute blue gown posing for the camera

She completed her studies in fashion and apparel design at the Parsons School of Design in 2015. On graduation day, she shared pictures of herself and her fellow graduates. Unquestionably, she is one of the best American-Russian fashion designers. Although she became more famous after she wedded Greg Gutfeld, she had already made significant progress in her modeling and fashion careers. 

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Elena Moussa’s Influence on the Creative Landscape

Picture showing the gorgeous Elena Moussa rocking a dress and a coat

Elena Moussa’s influence extends beyond her personal creative pursuits. She has emerged as an influential figure in the world of fashion and art. And as a result, she has inspired countless individuals to embrace their own creative journeys. Through her social media presence and public appearances, Elena has built a community of like-minded individuals drawn to her authenticity and passion.

In a world often saturated with trends and fleeting fads, Elena stands out as a beacon of authenticity. Her commitment to staying true to her artistic vision, whether in fashion or art, serves as a source of inspiration for every aspiring fashion designer out there

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