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Hair Length Chart: How to Determine How Long You Want Your Hair

Oftentimes, we visit our hair stylist to give us a cut without knowing the exact length we want. It gets disappointing when the result isn’t what we envisioned about the cut.  It’s why a hair length chart will always be useful.

A full view of an hair length chart

This chart covers the length of all textures and cuts and puts you on the same page with your stylist whenever they mention any cuts. So if you’re looking to grow those locks or go for a bob or short hair, read this post to have a picture of how they’ll look on you.

What is a Hair Length Chart?

Another view of the hair length chart

The hair length chart is a visual representation of various hair lengths, usually depicted in inches or centimeters. Unlike the curly hair chart invented by Andre walker, the hair length chart provides a reference point for understanding the different stages of hair growth. It also shows the styles you can achieve at each length.

Understanding Hair Length Terminology

Lady rocks her long hair with style

Before we show you what the hair length chart looks like, it’s crucial you get familiar with the common terminology for describing hair lengths. Here they are:

Ear Length (Pixie Cut)

Full view of a woman rocking the pixie cuts

Besides the buzz cut, pixie cut is the shortest hairstyle within ear length. They range from a fraction of an inch to a few inches. This hairstyle has a bold and edgy appearance.

Chin Length (Bob)

A picture of a lady rocking the chin length bob

The bob falls between the chin and shoulders. Bobs can be further classified into different lengths, such as chin-length bob, shoulder-length bob, or collarbone-length bob


lady rocks the lob hairstyle

A lob is a long bob. It usually falls just above or on the shoulders and you can style it in different ways.

Shoulder Length

A picture of Kim Kardashian of rocking the lob

Shoulder-length hair is any hair that reaches the shoulders. The length allows for different styling options such as updos, half-up, and even high ponytails.

Armpit Length

Lady rocks shades showing off her armpit length

This hair extends to the level of the armpit providing versatility for different styles.

Mid-Back Length

The hair length chart shows you the exact picture of what you want.   This is Ciara rocking the mid back length

This one falls between the shoulder blades and the mid back. It is perfect for those who prefer longer hair but don’t want it too long..


A full picture of Jennifer Lopez rocking her gor geous waist length  hair

As its name suggests, any hair that reaches the waist is waist-length. This length requires extra care and attention due to its longer nature.

A Comprehensive Hair Length Chart

Here’s a look at the hair length chart to have an idea of what you want: 

A comprehensive hair length chart in all its glory
Hair lengthStraight HairWavy Hair Curly Hair
Ear Length6 inches4 inches2 inches
Chin Length8 inches6 inches4 inches
Shoulder Length12 inches14 inches16 inches
Armpit Length18 inches20 inches22 inches
Mid Back Length24 inches26 inches28 inches

Categories in the Hair Length Chart

There are three common categories in the hair length guide:

Short Hair

Full picture of a gorgeous lady rocking the short hair

This stops above the shoulders. It is up to 12 inches for straight hair and 14-16 inches for waves and spirals.

Medium Hair

Full view of a lady rocking the medium hair

 This hair has a length that goes from the shoulder to the armpit. It’s about 12-18 inches for straight strands and up to 24 inches for curly ones.

 Long hair

Back view of the long hair gorgeously depicted in this photo

Long hair is any hair that is within or beyond the length shown in the picture above. 

Straight vs. Curly Hair Length Chart

There are two ways to describe the length of your hair. You can either say you want them to stay around a particular body part or precisely specify the desired hair length in inches. But if you don’t want any of that, just show your stylist a hair length chart.

Another view of the hair length chart

Specifying your desired hair length may seem like a more accurate kind of measurement, but it can be misleading for those who have curls. Why? Wavy and curly locks look shorter than straight hair of the same length since the length gets lost in twists and ringlets. 

Benefits of Knowing Your Hair Length 

Full picture of lady rocking her wavy hair

Here’s how understanding the hair length chart is beneficial to you:

It Prevents Misunderstanding with Your Stylist

Knowing the specific measurement of different hair lengths helps you communicate accurately your desired hair length to your stylist. And as a result, it prevents any misunderstanding or disappointing surprises.

It Helps You Choose the Right Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, choosing the right length is important for a seamless and natural look. And when you know the different hair lengths in and out, you make informed decisions and find extensions that blend perfectly with your hair.

It Helps to Track Your Hair Growth Progress

With the knowledge of the hair length chart, you can track your current hair length, and if you’re looking to grow those locks out it becomes easier to compare and contrast.

It Enhances Your Styling Options

Knowing different hair lengths gives you more styling options to choose from. Whether you want short and sassy, medium and versatile, or long and glamorous, understanding your hair length helps you explore various hairstyles to enhance your appearance.

Hair Length Chart: The Perfect Guide to Your Desired Style

Hair length charts are vital for achieving accurate hairstyling goals. For a lady looking out for different styling possibilities, this chart provides you with all you need to know to get that gorgeous mane. Furthermore, it helps you communicate properly with your hairstylist. And remember, it’s better to be informed and look gorgeous than stay in the dark and get shocked.

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