NACK Apparel’s ‘Kindred Kullection’ Pays Homage to Nigerian Culture

NACK Apparel’s latest Spring/Summer 2019 collection called ‘Kindred Kullection’ is one which focuses on the themes: ‘Nigerian’ and ‘Culture’.

The look-book has Nollywood Actor, Deyemi Okanlawon and two beautiful models flaunt the pieces of the collection in a story-telling manner.

Kindred Kullection epitomizes native and retro themes which pay homage to the traditional Nigerian culture. It is in retrospect to the lost Nigerian culture with a specific look at the Ife Kingdom and Benin Kingdom, which thrived from the 13th to 19th centuries in Southwestern Nigeria.

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The collection comprises a blend of opaque prints and bold colors such as vibrant orange, blacks, blues and sharp reds that accentuate busy patterns and oversized tops.

Check out NACK’s Kindred Kullection below:

Credits: NACK Apparels

Photographer: @the.alfe

Videographer: @Dudutoonznigeria

Stylist: @magpayne1

Makeup Artist: @makeupbykofo

Creative Design: Tolu Akinpeloye

Models: @deyemitheactor | @thedoyinshow | @thatgirlyellaw

Hair Stylist: @Bella_ella009

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