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The Afrik Diary Presents TAME’19

The Afrik Diary is set to hold the 2019 edition of The African Models Exhibition (TAME) themed Live Mannequin. Hence, there is a call for models and fashion designers to participate in this event.

This edition, unlike previous ones, seeks to explore the objective behind the name The African Models Exhibition.

Unlike the revolutionary days were Africans were showcased as slaves, this era aims at showcasing Africans as brand ambassadors for global brands. Hence, the objective of TAME’19 is to display the beauty and versatility of the African continent through models.

This edition will be a mannequin themed one where top brands, corporate organizations, advertising firms, modeling agencies, event managers,  beauty and cosmetic companies,  fashion houses, make-up artists, etc., will discover and endorse new models.

For sponsorship, partnership with Afrik Diary and more details on how to partake in this event call +2348175143060, ±2348066705435 or send a DM to @afrikdiary

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