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One Good Addition To Your Skin Care Routine

The skin is the most delicate part of the human body. It’s one of the organs of the body that starts experiencing aging signs really fast and as such requires high level of maintenance to enhance its glow. This post is to suggest the best way to perform your skin care routine using Oriflame products.

At certain times, people often get confused about what products to use for different skin areas not minding the fact that what’s used on the skin around your body areas (hands, legs, stomach, etc.) is not necessarily what should be used around the skin on your face. I know you’re shocked but that’s the truth (ask your dermatologist). Thus, it is important for you to know the different products to be used on your face and body.

I’ll share with you an awesome product to be applied on your face. Trust me, it’s super awesome!

The new NovAge Day Shield/sun screen with SPF50 is a multi-protection cream designed to shield the skin from the ageing effect of UV rays and pollution such as uneven skin tone, dark spot and wrinkles. It helps to slow down ageing signs for a radiant, clear and even skin tone. It is the perfect addition to your skin care routine. All you have to do is apply in the morning during your skincare routine, re-apply throughout the day as necessary and avoid direct contact with the eyes.

Here are its benefits:

1. It provides your skin with the highest level of UVA protection.

2. It protects your skin from toxic environmental effects and intensely moisturizes your skin.

3. It helps prevent uneven skin tone, dark spots and wrinkles.

4. Improves skin radiance and luminosity.

5. It protects the skin from dehydration, helping to slow down skin ageing.

4. It shields the skin from the toxic effects of the environment such as pollution or damaging sun UV RAYS.

To get this product, contact Faith on 09024045714.

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