Blossoming bridal kimono line, Abebibytan, has launched a new bridal collection ahead of Black Friday 2021 tagged SS21 Of Silk Lace & Tulle.

The new collection is an infusion of the feminine, delicate and lightweight fabrics of silk, lace, and tulle. Together, they highlight the consistent expression of the brand: airy, elegant, and intimate, the true embodiment of what every bride would love on her big day.

Fashioned by true events, this collection was inspired by a real-life love story. According to creative director, Seyitan Atigarin,

“I witnessed my best friend marry the love of her life and was so overcome with emotions that it sparked my creative passion for this collection. I want every woman wearing each piece to feel that burst of love, and warmth, too.”

The visuals were brought to life by award-winning photographer, Anny Roberts; Media Personality, Valerie Ike, and Photographer’s muse, Amiola Aguda. Both models share their thoughts on this new collection.

According to Valerie Ike,

“This new collection is what dreams are made of: soft, feminine, and flattering. 10/10. Will always recommend!”

And Amiola Aguda:

“The entire collection feels like what I imagine: what non-sticky cotton candy elegantly floating on clouds would feel like. Love it!”

The Abebibridal Collection is a line of timeless bridal kimonos (cover-ups) that is an affordable ready-to-wear line for the everyday stylish bride and bridesmaid.

The collection also features colorful bridal kimonos, which come in lace, silk, and floral patterns tailored to perfection. Each piece is stylishly designed to make every bride and bridesmaid feel comfortable and beautiful on her wedding day.

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